Benefits Of Employer Health Screening

Nowadays, you have a moral and legal obligation to take care of the employees you have. After all, they are the individuals that make the company money, no? The big problem is that it is really easy to get caught up in work. Because of that, the busy workers do feel that they do not have much time to visit the doctor. Unfortunately, the number of people that do not even go to the doctor for one annual check-up is growing at an alarming state. Tests and preventive care are a necessity. As an employer, you can help your employees.

Onsite health screenings are nowadays available and can easily help solve the problem mentioned above by basically bringing tests directly to a company’s employees. Services like those offered by Stay Well occupational health are now available. Health screenings are quite available at the moment, high-profile, low-cost and enlist the employees to improve personal health. Biometric screening offers the baseline assessment of the health of the employees in regards to blood pressure, obesity, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose and total cholesterol. Such screenings need to be done on a yearly basis or two times per year.

The question that sometimes appears is what benefits are available for employers. Why is onsite health screening growing in popularity at the moment? Well, various benefits exist and can be mentioned.

For starters, a health educator or a nurse can easily counsel the individuals about choice consequences as soon as results are going to be received. This is highly useful in the event that a problem is discovered during a specific test. Statistics showed that such a direct medical contact will easily motivate the employee to change his/her behaviour, improving overall health. In the field, this is referred to as teachable moment. That is normally a really valuable part of health screening.

It is really easy to get caught up just in the legal side of things. The employer has to pay health insurance or deal with various things that are required by law. This is not actually enough because of the fact that going the extra mile will automatically mean that the employees realize that the employer cares about the staff.

Health screenings are going to encourage the employees to deal with medical attention in the event that there are conditions that exist and use health education resources and programs that would enable staff to enjoy healthier or more productive futures.

Make sure that you consider all the different occupational health services that are available for you right now. Compare them so that you can easily find the opportunities that are the best at the end of the day for both the company and the employees. A proper research is necessary since you want to basically know everything about the company that you will work with. Learn about the tests that are performed and do all that you can in order to offer as much as possible so that your employees would be the main attention of your investments.