Electronic hookah pens – Are they a safe alternative to smoking the traditional cigs?

Electronic hookah pens are gradually becoming the latest craze among the teens, elder generation and especially among those who are trying their level best to quit smoking the actual cigarettes due to the harm caused to their health. E-hookahs are fast becoming a trend among the younger generation, irrespective of their knowledge on the technicalities of e-cigs and whether or not they are a safe alternative. One of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of such hookahs is that they offer a similar experience of that of smoking without having to inhale and exhale the nasty smoke. The manufacturers usually claim that an electronic hookah pose lesser health hazards, but is that true or just a gimmick used for selling their products?

Electronic hookahs – How do they work?

An electronic hookah is nothing but a device operated by a battery and it looks similar to the conventional cigarette. There is an atomizer that heats an e-liquid, thereby turning it into vapor which can be easily inhaled. This is not smoke and this vapor is not much harmful for our health. The devices that are available in the market come in reusable and disposable form and the best part is that they come with different fruit flavors to choose from. The primary ingredients of e-liquids are water, fruit flavor, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. However, there is not much information on such substances that are being inhaled.

Are electronic hookahs toxic?

Although majority of the electronic hookahs are devoid of carbon-monoxide, heavy metals like lead and arsenic and other chemicals that cause cancer. However, there are some specific devices that contain different degrees of nicotine depending on the brand of company they come from. However, there are no such studies that prove the safety that is related to long-term vaping of these devices.

The toxic substances that are contained in the traditional cigarettes pose a large threat of causing some of the major diseases like heart diseases, cancers and respiratory problems, to name just a few. When you smoke real, you release smoke and this is even inhaled by the people who are standing beside you. Hence you keep contributing to the risk of other people developing such diseases. The electronic hookah pens don’t produce smoke and there is no such risk of passive inhaling and there is also no smell associated with it. In different countries where e-cigs have been termed as legal, there is also no law that says that they can’t be smoked indoors.

So, if you’re intrigued by the concerns of this article, you can soon get your NEwhere Electronic Hookahs at the best possible price. As long as the safety of these products is concerned, they are much safer than the conventional ones due to the lack of nicotine and smoke produced. For the passive smokers too, this is undoubtedly a good choice as there is no smoke produced from this smoking device.