Packing and Moving Tips for Newbies

Moving house is an important event in your life especially if you’ve lived in one place for a long time. You feel bewildered because it’s very hard for you to even imagine how you’re going to transport all your belongings to a new place. The experienced movers from SF moving in Hillsborough are ready to give you some tips on how to pack your stuff properly and organize your moving in the best way.

  • Prepare the right boxes.
    One of the most common mistakes that the newbies often make is packing many heavy things into the large boxes. By doing so, they make the loading process much harder for the movers. Moreover, the bottom of the overloaded box can burst suddenly and your things may be damaged. To avoid any accidents, you should use small and durable boxes for heavy stuff such as books. Put the light-weighted but bulky items such as blankets and pillows into smaller boxes.
  • Distribute the weight.
    If you decided not to hire the movers and load the truck by yourself, you should know that the boxes with heavier items are usually placed in the front part of the vehicle to keep the balance. While packing your stuff into the boxes, put the heavy things on the bottom and the lighter ones on the top of those things.
  • Use space wisely.
    Pack the items tightly in order to save space and balance the box. If there are gaps, you can always fill them with soft items such as towels or clothes.
  • Don’t mix the things.
    Make sure you stack the stuff belonging to a certain room in the separate boxes allotted specifically for that particular room. This way, you’ll avoid any confusion during the unpacking process at your new place.
  • Mark the boxes.
    It’s an excellent idea to write a brief description of the contents of each box as well as the room to which it belongs. You can also label each box with the stickers of different colors. After that, label the doors in your new dwelling with the stickers of the corresponding colors. Put the boxes from the same room together in the truck to make your unloading process easier. You can also put the number on each box, then write down those numbers into a notebook, and list the items you packed into the numbered boxes.
  • Secure the boxes.
    Use the tape to wrap it around the boxes. You need to do that to secure the seams and edges since those spots are strained the most. If you need to pack some fragile items, it’s better to double-pack them. For example, put your plasma TV screen into its original box and then into one more reliable box.