What To Keep In Your Office For Emergencies

Office medical supplies can include many things. Some of these could include bandages, gauze, medical tape, and maybe an elastic bandage or two. However, there are some things you should always have on hand for the little accidents, and some big accident things. Having these things could pay off in a big way if you need them.

Among the little things you should have in your medical supplies for your office are adhesive bandages. You should have a variety of sizes and types. The one type you should have on hand at all times is waterproof bandages, if at all possible. We deal with water every day, and if you’re worried about getting infected, it helps. Regular adhesive bandages are also good.

You should also have some sort of disinfecting spray or cream. Neosporin is the typical one, but any will do. This will keep infections at bay, and it goes well with the waterproof bandages. Some brands of adhesive bandages have the cream in the little pad.

For the bigger accidents, you should have an elastic bandage on hand. These are long, wide bandages that can be reused multiple times. Some will have Velcro on the end that is supposed to be on top when you finish wrapping it around the injured body part. Others have metal clasps that come with it. Either way, they are meant to help stabilize sprained or strained body parts – wrists and ankles are most common.

Also for bigger accidents, have bandannas on hand. Before shooting this idea down, think about it. If someone breaks their leg or arm in an evacuation, they won’t have time to be correctly helped until the EMTs come. Even then, this person may not be the prime concern of the EMTs. This person can use the bandannas to create a splint with sticks or other straight items that will keep the injured limb straight until the EMTs can help.

No matter what kind of incident happens, you should have some sort of cleaning agent on hand for your hands. Hand sanitizer is the best thing to keep in stock since you can buy pocket sized bottles and big bottles with a pump. The big bottles can be kept in an easy to access place – such as the counter in the bathroom or in the cafeteria – in case of a water shortage or outage. This is especially helpful in a power outage if you’re on a water well.

Incidents will happen. Being prepared will help counteract the repercussions of any incident, especially if the ambulances or the EMTs cannot help everyone quickly or cannot get to the scene quickly.