Best workouts when you are on Low-carb Keto Diet

Best workouts when you are on Low-carb Keto Diet

Are you searching for the best exercise on a low carbohydrate keto diet? If so, then you are in the right place. 

The ketogenic diet restricts cabs to the very point that our body goes into fat-burning mode, prime time. Keto diet is very helpful in burning fat, so good that you will notice substantial fat loss without any additional exercise or workout plan.

This by no means, means that you should skip exercise. Exercise and keto diet together can help you achieve results faster and shed more fat. It is important to move your body in order to stay healthy. Adding an exercise plan to your keto lifestyle can help you lead a very healthy lifestyle.

But the question arises, what type of exercise is best when you are on a ketogenic diet?

 The answer is here:

Understanding the types of Exercise 

 There are many different exercise types, and each has a different impact on the body and relies on different energy systems. Two primary exercise types are endurance training and resistance training; the Keto diet most impacts these.

Both of these exercises can be broken down further as follows:

Each of these exercise types can be further broken down as follows:

Resistance Training (anaerobic training)

  • Strength Training: training with the goal of improving strength. While resistance training can help in improving strength to a level, strength training exercise maximizes the strength increase level.
  • Hypertrophy Training: exercise that focuses on muscle growth. The difference between strength training and hypertrophy is the difference in training volume, repetition ranges, and rest times.
  • Power Training: power training focuses on promoting fast, explosive movements similar to the one used in sports. Board jumps, box jumps, or squat jumps are a part of power training.

Endurance Training (Aerobic Training)

  • High-Intensity Interval Training: HIIT is a cardiovascular training with short duration and height speed on repeat with plenty of rest.
  • Low-Intensity Steady State: LIIS is the exact opposite of HIIT. The exercise is of longer duration and low intensity. A 30-minute jog

What Workout is Best on a Ketogenic Diet?

Earlier people used to think that strength or muscle gain was not possible on a ketogenic diet. Research has proved that it is possible to improve muscle mass and strength on a keto diet. There are a plethora of exercises to choose from based on your goals.

Heightening Overall Strength

If your goal is to get stronger then you must practice strength exercise plan on a keto diet. A strength program includes lower repetition and more weight. You will get more time to rest in between different sets; most strength programs allow the muscle in our body to relax and recover for the next set. Bench press, deadlifts, squats are the most important lifts to master in strength training.

For Greater Muscle Mass

If you are focusing on muscle growth, then you should practice the hypertrophy training program. A hypertrophy program consists of more reps around 8-12 with short resting periods.  Getting enough protein is important for muscle growth, which is why keto diet suits better with hypertrophy training.  

For Endurance

Endurance training also is known as aerobic or cardio training, relies heavily on the body’s cardiovascular system. This includes both LISS and HIIT. Endurance training stimulates fat loss, which makes it a helpful addition in weight loss plan. 

For Weight Loss/Better Overall Health

If you want to add exercise to your keto diet plan for improving overall health, then practice a variety of hypertrophy, strength, and endurance training because each its own benefits.

Incorporate these exercises into your daily fat loss program. Keto diet makes the body use fat as a primary fuel source.

For Therapeutic Reasons

When you practice a keto diet for therapeutic reasons, be selective wth the exercise and workout choices. Tailor the exercises to suit the individual persons and based on personal goals. However, choosing the best exercise for your keto diet depends on where you plan your journey.

Exercising for rookie keto dieters

It is important to exercise no matter what diet plan you follow, however, do not forget that it is not going to be easy to exercise on a ketogenic diet, especially for people who are trying it for the first time.

You will experience “keto flu” a sign that your body is adjusting to the keto diet.

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle weakness
  • Brain fog
  • Impaired mood
  • Muscle cramps

Experiencing these symptoms can kill the desire to workout. Skipping exercise should be the last thing on your mind because exercise can help in faster adaption to a ketogenic lifestyle.

Remember, you may notice a decrease in your physical performance for a short duration after starting a keto diet. Do not worry; your energy levels will return after a few days. 

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Tips for Exercising on Keto

There are many tips to improve exercise performance when you are on a keto diet:

  • Hydrate: hydration is important as dehydration ins a common symptom of a keto diet. Dehydration can degrade your performance and well being. Drink plenty of water every day to keep dehydration at bay.
  • Get enough electrolytes: electrolyte is one of the most common side effects of going into a keto diet. Replenish these via supplements, whole foods, and sea salt in water.
  • Take pre-workout supplements: pre-workout supplements contain caffeine, however good pre-workout caffeine also contain ingredients like beta-alanine, citrulline, and creatine.
  • Consider taking exogenous ketones: ketones supplements provide extra energy to the body during your workout.
  • Eat more protein/calories: when you exercise, your calorie demand is going to be higher, especially in protein form, because your muscles will need help to recover.

The Last Word

Choosing best exercise for keto diet depends on your goals. Whether your aim is to improve body composition, physical performance, or overall fitness, the right training program and keto diet will help you reach it fast.

Remember, when you start a keto diet, you are going to struggle in the initial days. Don’t feel discouraged; follow the tips mentioned above for the keto diet, stay consistent, and love the transformation!


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