Do Banana Cause Constipation – Know Whether Bananas Are Good For Constipation Or Not

Do Banana Cause Constipation – Know Whether Bananas Are Good For Constipation Or Not

Most of the people are in confusion about whether banana cause constipation or not. It is found that many people are now facing constipation-related issues due to lifestyle changes and food changes. 

Constipation is a health issue in which a person goes through irregular bowel movement, and they face difficulty in passing the stool. 

It can be caused due to several reasons, mainly due to poor eating habits and lack of physical exercise.

However, it is found that many people report that bananas do cause constipation. Many people face problems in bowel movement after the consumption bananas. 

It is not clear among the people that eating bananas cause problems like constipation or not.

Stick to this article, and I will tell you about whether bananas can cause or relieve constipation. You may be thinking, Is it good for you to eat bananas on a regular basis. 

Facts About Banana And Constipation

Many people are looking for is Eating too much banana causes constipation, or they help relieve as well as prevent constipation.

Here below are the facts that will help you with bananas and constipation. 

People Claim That Banana Cause Constipation

There are several blogs available over the internet that say banana is for constipation and irregular bowel movement for several people. 

However, there is no such research that confirmed that constipation is caused due to eating too many bananas. 

Bananas are considered as the risk factor and can cause constipation. German researchers have found that there are the perceived effects of eating some foods on bowel movements and inconsistency in the stool. 

In a survey of three groups, it is found about 30-45% of people respond that bananas cause them constipation.

White bread and chocolate are top on this list. But there is no such strong evidence that claims eating too much banana are the reason for constipation. (Source 1)

Banana Contains High Fiber

As bananas are the most popular and selling fruit of the world and one of the convenient snacking options. They are consumed by people all over the world. 

They contain good amounts of minerals, vitamins, and all other essential nutrients, even in a good quantity. 

As they are rich in several nutrients, they also contain good amounts of fiber, about 3.1 grams in a banana. (2)

Fiber for a long time has been considered as an essential part of a diet that is helpful in preventing as well as relieving constipation. 

These soluble fibers effectively absorb the water from food and keep stool soft and long. Fibers are helpful in improving stool movement and make it an easy way to move it from the digestive tract. (3)

Some studies say that soluble fibers are effective in improving constipation condition and give instant relief.

However, others claim that lowering the intake of soluble fiber is helpful in some cases and relieves chronic constipation. 

Intake of fiber and how it is helpful in relieving constipation varies from person to person. Also, what type of fiber one intake also has several effects on your digestive tract. 

Tip: Eating bananas directly or making smoothies can be easy, but you feel like it takes so much time to digest. In such a case you can take one cardamom, chew it, and swallow it. 

You can cut ripe bananas into chips and sprinkle some black pepper and black salt over it. In this way, bananas will taste more delicious, and they become easy to digest. 

Banana Improve The Other Digestion Related Problems

There is no such harm is due to the consumption of bananas on digestion, and most of the people can easily digest at least consume in a moderate quantity. 

Bananas help in improving digestive health as well as provide prebiotic to your body that is the healthy gut bacteria. 

In a study conducted on 34 excess weight, women show how regular intake of bananas is helpful in affecting the gut bacteria. (4)

After two months, it is noticed that these women have increased in the number of gut-healthy bacteria, Bifidobacteria, in a good quantity. 

Moreover, it is also found that the intake of bananas is helpful in improving digestive issues like stomach pain and abdominal bloating

Green Banana Contain High Resistant Starch

Resistant starch is known for its fiber-like properties and is a type of complex carb. Small intestine escapes the digestion of complex carbs, and it directly reaches the large intestine where the healthy gut bacteria get their feed. 

It is beneficial for your gut health that these bacteria get fed from complex carbs as they are responsible for producing short-chain fats. These contribute to improving digestion health and are beneficial in improving metabolism. (5)

Unripe banana is almost a complete starch, and most of it is resistant starch. When bananas ripen, all the starch converts into sugar, and there is no starch remaining in the banana. 

Resistant starch works similarly to soluble fiber that is highly beneficial in relieving the constipation condition. 

Moreover, it is important to note that when children and adults face diarrhea, banana is suggesting for their treatment. They treat this condition as they are high in resistant starch, and only such a home remedy can treat diarrhea. 

Final Words

Thus studies and reports show that bananas do not cause constipation, but that reduces constipation instead of causing problems. 

However, the consumption of bananas for some people causes constipation and is responsible for irregular bowel movements. 

In case you face problems and constipation, make sure to consume fewer bananas. If you still face constipation and there is no relief, then avoid eating banana if it helps in constipation condition. 

As some food that helps others in relieving constipation may not help you, and sometimes it may cause more problems. 

Constipation can easily resolve if the proper amount of fiber is intake. There are several types of fiber that play a major role in constipation and benefit digestion system in a different way. You should learn about these different types of fiber your digestion function works at best.

Important Tip: Not only bananas, if you are a person with digestion issues, and it is common with you that you face constipation and irregular bowel movement, then you should avoid eating all those types of food. Keeping your gut healthy and clean is much more important than any food as your whole body functioning is dependent upon it.


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