How Many Feet In A Mile When You Run Or Walk?

How Many Feet In A Mile When You Run Or Walk?

Most of the people head out for a walk or run without measuring their steps. Honestly, we all have gone through the same situation. Don’t worry! Here is the answer to a common question about how many feet in a mile when you run or walk?

According to the device pedometer, phone motion sensor, or a fitness band, an average person covers about 2000 to 2500 feet or walking steps per mile. It is believed that if you run, you may have a longer stride length. It means you may also cover about 2000 steps per mile. 

Do you know how far 10,000 steps are? Let us tell you the fact that 10000 steps are equal to 4 to 5 miles. But it may also vary from person to person according to your stride length. 

If you know how many feet in a mile, you can quickly begin your daily step goals for an active lifestyle. Using a pedometer, you can easily cover your 10000 steps in miles. Get ready to know more about the average daily steps of people. 

Running and Walking 

People ask so often that how many steps in 3 miles are covered. Everyone has a different capacity to move or run. You can only generate an average to know about the general steps and miles covered. According to the research, here is a quick study of average steps per mile at running or walking speeds. It includes-

  • There are 1951 steps- walking 12 minutes (per hour 5 miles)
  • There are 1400 steps – walking 8 minutes (per hour 7.5 miles)
  • 2,252 steps – walking 20 minutes (per hour 3 miles)
  • There are 1672 steps – walking 10 minutes (per hour 6 miles)
  • There are 1935 steps – walking 15 minutes (per hour 4 miles)

After knowing these averages, you can easily convert steps to miles. Here are the statistics to show you average miles covered by a person through running, jogging, fast run, or a walk.



Fast Running


You can also measure your steps by estimation of stride length or height. Here is an average analysis that can also help you know about your step counts. 

Height Estimation 

According to various researches, 42 % of stride length is considered a wide stride length. 

 If you use a pedometer to check how many inches in a mile, you need to set your height during the estimation setup. Here is the rough idea about steps you may cover per mile based on height ratio. It includes- 

Steps(per mile)Height estimation
1,985 stepssix feet 4 inches
2,011 stepsSix feet 3 inches
2,039 stepsSix  feet 2 inches
2,067 stepsSix  feet 1 inch
2,095 stepsSix  feet even
2,125 stepsFive feet 11 inches
2,155 stepsFive  feet 10 inches
2,186 stepsFive  feet 9 inches
2,218 stepsFive  feet 8 inches
2,252 stepsFive  feet 7 inches
2,286 stepsFive feet 6 inches
2,321 steps  Five feet 5 inches
2,357 stepsFive feet 4 inches
2,395 stepsFive feet 3 inches
2433 stepsFive feet 2 inches
2,473 stepsFive 5 feet 1 inches
2,514 stepsFive feet even
2,577 stepsFour  feet 11 inches
2,607 stepsFour feet 10 inches

Estimating Stride Length

We can also measure our step count per meal with stride length. If we estimate an average stride length for women is 0.67 meters or 2.2 feet and 0.762 meters or 2.5 feet for men, it varies on height. 

Your stride length also depends on whether you are running, jogging, or walking, and whether you are on Rocky Mountains or hills or crossing roads. 

If you already know stride length, your feet per mile –

  • Steps per mile in inches 63,360/stride length 
  • Steps per mile in feet- 5,280/ stride length 

For the stride length measurement, use these equations:

  • 3600/step measure = stride measurement(inches)
  • 300 divided by step measure = stride measurement (feet)

You can quickly answer your own question about how many square feet in a mile or how many feet in a nautical mile by checking out the above-mentioned estimations. 

Estimating Steps

You can quickly know your accurate step count using the pedometer function of your phone. 

The ideal way to know your average steps per mile is to estimate several times with hit and trial method. And after many trials, you will get to know your average step count per mile. Check out these methods to know your step count- 


Everyone has a smartphone; now is the best time to use it to know your step per mile estimation. Install the app name MapMyWalk that will measure your steps per mile with your phone’s GPS. 

If you want an accurate estimation, make sure to choose a clear or open area with no twist and turns. This is because they can get confused by trees and buildings, resulting in less accurate measurement. 

Football Field

You can also use a football ground to know your steps per mile. According to the estimation, a football field’s distance from the goal line to the goal line is 300 feet. All you can do is measure your steps as you run or walk from goal line to goal line. Once you get to know your steps, then multiply it by 17.6 to get your step count per mile. 


To find your exact step count, you can use a quarter-mile track method. Now you must be wondering how many feet in a quarter-mile? A quarter-mile track means 1,320 feet or steps. 

To know your step count, you can start your walk in the inside lane and count in your head. For a quarter-mile track method, you need to go around four times and multiply your feet by 1.009. 

Final words 

You can quickly check your steps per mile by applying simple methods of estimations. After reading this article, you may surely get your answer for how many feet in a mile? 

Use a pedometer or mobile phone app before you head for a walk to know your average step count per mile. 

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