Know It All About the Romanian Deadlift

Know It All About the Romanian Deadlift

Romanian deadlift (RDL), also known as the Romanian clean, or more popularly, the “leg deadlift” is an effective exercise that focuses on the hamstrings and glutes.

While the movement involves an overhead squat, the movement utilizes many of the same movement principles and exercises that are used for the power clean. In addition to being able to target a number of muscle groups at once, the Romanian deadlift also works the lower back, hips, arms, chest, and shoulders.

Many strength coaches and bodybuilders have found it useful for building strength in their quads, back, and upper thighs.


The Romanian deadlift can be performed with either a barbell or with a pair of dumbbells. For those wandering for a less intensive workout, using dumbbells can be the ideal solution.

Because there is much less resistance than a barbell, the exercise will require a smaller range of motion and may not be ideal for people who have trouble with their form or who have a history of back injuries.

If you are just starting out in your resistance training, it may be best to start with a lighter weight. After you do gain a bit of experience, you can increase the weight gradually, as long as you do not injure yourself.

In the beginning, it may also be best to start out doing sets of eight reps. This will ensure that you have enough strength for your initial set, as well as getting your muscles acclimated to the weight.

Romanian Deadlift Form

Another common variation of the Romanian deadlift is called the “Reverse Romanian.” In this exercise, the athlete uses his legs and hips to lift the weight instead of his arms.

Because the weight is spread throughout the legs and hips, the exercise range of motion is decreased, which allows for less stress on the body. It is also a good idea to try to work for each muscle group equally throughout the workout.

While doing this, it will be helpful to keep a timer by your side, so you can count how many reps you have completed. This is especially important if you are new to the movement because it will be easier to gauge how many sets it would take you to reach your desired goals.

As you do become more experienced & confident, you can add more weight and increase the number of reps to get the maximum benefit out of each set.


Many lifters who are interested in a complete workout routine often wonder which is better: a Romanian deadlift versus a traditional deadlift? Well, I have to admit that my personal preference would be for the Romanian deadlift.

The reason being that a Romanian deadlift requires the same muscle groups as a normal deadlift, but as of the shorter range of motion when performed, the muscle groups get much more use and are not over-stretched as would be the case with a traditional deadlift.

Romanian Deadlift Muscles

This does mean that you are not wasting any energy trying to stretch your muscles during your workout session, which will help keep you feeling fresh and make it much easier to continue with a solid workout routine.

Another big advantage of using a Romanian deadlift versus a traditional deadlift is that it works all major muscle groups, which does make it ideal for building muscle, even if you have been inactive for some time.

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Another question often asked is which is better – a Romanian deadlift versus a single leg deadlift? The answer is actually pretty simple.

The single leg deadlift works the lower body more than the other exercise types, which make it perfect for building strength and developing large muscles in the legs, but not for developing the upper body as many would like.

The single leg deadlift also works the gluteal muscles more than other exercise types, which means that it’s good for building gluteal mass, but not as much as the Romanian deadlift, which works most of the major muscles in the lower body.

Romanian Deadlift Versus a Traditional Deadlift

We are going to finish this by saying that if you’re looking to build a large, muscular chest, arm, and back, then the Romanian deadlift is the way to go.

If you’re looking to tone up and bulk up your arms, or just improve your overall strength level and overall conditioning, then the single leg deadlift is the way to go.

For those who do remain more concerned with strength and bulk than they are with muscle definition, the single leg deadlift is the best choice.

So, there you have it, the answer to the question, which is better: a Romanian deadlift versus a traditional deadlift?

It really does rely on what you intend out of your workout routine, but if you’re serious about building mass and improving your overall strength level, then the single leg deadlift should be your choice.


The kettlebell Romanian deadlift (also known as the barbell or dumbbell deadlift) is a good exercise to add weight to your lower body. It is also one amongst the most versatile exercises you can do in your workout and is an effective workout for fat loss.

The kettlebell Romanian deadlift uses a lot of the same muscle groups that like in regular deadlift. However, instead of using two heavyweights and a barbell, it uses a heavy kettlebell.

Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift Details

The heavyweights are placed on a handle, but this time, instead of holding onto the handles, you use your body weight to hang the kettlebell from your chest while keeping your arms straight.

The kettlebell is developed in a way that you can use your back and hips to support yourself during the entire movement. The kettlebell Romanian deadlift exercise description also explains the importance of breathing during the movement.

Breathing deeply can help you focus your mind on achieving the proper form for a successful lift. Remember, in order to perform a successful lift; you need to make sure that the movement is smooth, fluid, and controlled.

Make sure that your shoulders stay up and your back stays flat throughout your exercise.

Kettlebell Exercises

Another aspect of this exercise that is important to remember is that when you get too excited during the lift or hold onto the weights too tightly, you will strain your back.

Also, keep your grip tight at all times. If you do such simple things, you will be able to lift the right amount of weight and make sure that your back stays in control during the entire lift.

Remember, this is not a time to get sloppy. Remember that this lift needs to be done properly, and if you don’t practice your lifts correctly, you could hurt yourself.

If you are wandering for a quick and effective way to lose weight, then you may want to look into adding kettlebell exercises to your workout routine.


The Romanian dumbbell deadlift is an excellent training exercise for developing a powerful core. In contrast to the traditional barbell deadlift version, this exercise is much easier to do as it often involves only lifting lightweight.

Beginners lacking flexibility can also easily do this exercise to master the more advanced movement of barbell deadlifts. This exercise remain often utilized as a warm-up or in combination with other strength exercises before actual lifting.

As with any exercise, it remains important that you use proper form to avoid injury. Also, remember to maintain the correct posture when doing this exercise, as well as your back and legs. Proper form will ensure a smooth workout.

Dumbbells to Strengthen the Core

Dumbbells obtain a decent way to strengthen the core while doing so at the comfort level of your own home. You won’t get to be concerned about hurting yourself in the process, and you won’t need a gym membership to do it.

Dumbbells are generally less expensive than expensive gym memberships and are a lot more accessible to a wider range of people. Using dumbbells doesn’t take a lot of your time, and it’s a great alternative to expensive weight machines.

With dumbbells, you can do workouts from anywhere – at your desk or while watching TV or using the restroom. It’s easy to do the workout while sitting at the computer or watching TV, and you can do multiple repetitions of the exercise without even lifting your own weight.

In a Nutshell

A strong core remains important for all athletes because this area of the body’s core supports many of the movements performed in sports.

In addition to being crucial for athletic performance, strong core muscles provide support for other important areas of the body, such as the lower back.

A weak core is a major reason why many people suffer injuries during physical activities. Strong core muscles prevent injuries because they are responsible for keeping the spine in its proper position.

While performing an exercise like the Romanian dumbbell deadlift, make sure that you keep your core muscles stretched throughout the whole exercise so that you are not straining them in the process.


The barbell Romanian deadlifts are a highly effective lower body exercise. It trains the core muscles, hamstrings, and glutes, and all of these muscles help to lift and move heavier objects without injury.

This is a very basic exercise, but it is extremely effective and is perfect for building the core of your body. Here is how to effectively and safely perform the barbell Romanian deadlift.

Stand with both feet apart shoulder-width apart. Place both hands behind your head, your wrists must be at a 90-degree angle, and you must grip the bar with your elbows slightly bent.

Barbell Deadlift Exercising

Perform the barbell deadlift using a normal deadlift stance; hips should be slightly bent, but your back straight. Raise the bar in the air as high as possible using your legs and arms.

In order to avoid any strain on your back, you should try to use your legs and arms to lift the weight instead of just using your arms. Keep your back straight as you attempt to lift the bar; it is not recommended to bend at the knees during this exercise.

Once you have lifted the weight in the air, you should return to the ground slowly as well. Be sure to hold the position at all times, as falling onto your back is a dangerous way to injure yourself.

If you do feel pain while performing this exercise, then stop the exercise immediately and see a doctor immediately.

Final Words

Perform the barbell Romanian deadlift exercise at least five times per week. If not more, to increase the number of repetitions performed, you may need to perform more than three sets in each set.

If you do feel pain during or right after completing the exercise, stop the exercise immediately, and consult your physician.


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