What to Wear for Hot and Bikram Yoga Day

What to Wear for Hot and Bikram Yoga Day

You may be wondering about what type of outfit you should wear for a hot and Bikram yoga day.

Before you shop, the first thought that comes into your mind is that you must be comfortable wearing the Bikram yoga outfit.

Always remember that the Bikram yoga day is going to be hot, as it includes intensive yoga postures to perform.

It is reported that Bikram yoga can reach a temperature of between 95-105 degrees Fahrenheit and increase room humidity by 40%.

So remember you are going to sweat a lot on Bikram Yoga day. 

For this type of yoga, you are advised to wear minimal cloth that can be stretched easily and also make you feel comfortable while doing your yoga postures.

Guys can wear shorts of any type; tank tops and shirts are optional for males according to their comfortability.

Whereas for women, they can wear capris, leggings, or even shorts with a tank top or sports bra. 

What Are The Best Hot Yoga Pants

It seems like that shorts are the best for the Bikram or hot yoga day classes, whereas the expert yoga practitioner recommends wearing the capris or tight-fitted leggings as the best outfit for yoga day.

They recommend tight fitted pants because, during Bikram yoga, your legs will sweat a lot as the leg becomes slippery and make it difficult to stay in balance, doing some yoga poses.

You can find some best quality tight-fitted yoga pants online as well as offline at your nearby stores. 

Make sure that you buy such yoga pants that are not transparent while doing some yoga poses.

Also, make sure to buy the highly stretchable yoga pants for Bikram yoga, so when bending forward, they adjust according to the shape of your body. 

You check the transparency of the yoga pants while purchasing the pants, and you can wide-legged and bend forward in the dressing room to inspect the yoga pants. 

What Are The Best Hot Yoga Tops

Best Hot Yoga Tops

For women, a sports bra or even a tank top with close and body shape fitting can be the best hot yoga top.

Ladies must avoid loose and big tops and t-shirts in the Bikram or hot yoga day as they may fall when you do poses like a downward-facing dog pose.

Also, remember that wearing the 100% cotton outfit is also not good as cotton will absorb the sweat and make your top-heavy.

You must buy the wick fabric cloths for any doing any type of exercising activity, as they dry the sweat easily. 

What Are The Best Hot Yoga Mat and Props

When you are looking for the mats and props for the yoga classes, always buy that equipment that features thickness, durability, gripping even when they get wet. 

If you are doing yoga poses like downward-facing dogs or making triangle poses, you should always buy a thick mat and sanitize the mat using water and tea tree oil. 

What Can Be The Appropriate Hairstyles for Hot Yoga

Hairstyles for Hot Yoga

Loose ponytails or loose braids can be best if you have long hairs. It is because as it will easy and comfortable for you to do all the yoga poses without adjusting your hair. You will stay focus on your yoga instead of managing hair again and again in between the yoga.

During hot yoga, you are also going to sweat a lot, thus tying your hair back is the best hairstyle for Bikram yoga.

If you tie your hair with a hairband or keep it open, they will get into your eyes. Also keeping your hair open also leads to sweating you a lot.

What Are The Hot Yoga Clothing for Men

The best yoga outfit for the men is shorts or pants. Yoga teachers recommend that men’s shorts should be tight. Bikram yoga wear for man should fit their body. So buy those types of shorts that made from the wicking fabric.

If they wear sports running shorts, then they must wear compression undergarments underneath the running shorts so that they ensure the coverage. 

Final Words:

It is very important to wear the right kind of clothes while exercising as they provide comfort.

Always choose yoga wears, whether they are yoga pants and tops, that air your yoga session, instead of embarrassing or irritate you.

If you are looking for yoga pants then you must checkout our post on Best Yoga Pants In 2020. These yoga pants are especially design for intricate yoga poses and have best quality material


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