Clean Bulking- everything You Need To Know (Usage, Benefits, Side-effects)

Clean Bulking- everything You Need To Know (Usage, Benefits, Side-effects)

This all pandemic situation has changed us a lot. And we all have been working out and keeping up our body pumped up. But do you know people are preferring a lean body over full muscle bodies? And as a fitness trainer, I have also suggested my trainees work on their strength rather than going for muscle building. Clean bulking is one of the most important factors while you go for exercise or the workout. I have seen many trainees going for clean bulking as It helped them to gain more flexibility while having a good amount of strength. Take an example from sports; even Cristiano Ronaldo has a clean body because you need flexibility over your muscles in football.

Nowadays, people are focusing on weight loss or weight gain; gym freaks are interested in putting weights rather than gaining strength, which is the only problem with youth. There are thousands of ways you can accomplish a clean bulking body. The best thing about lean body exercises is that it is more sustainable than regular muscle building. A lean body will have more strength than a muscular body. In this article, we will comprehensively understand about clean bulking and the uses and benefits of having a clean, lean body.

What is clean bulking

As we talked in an earlier discussion about lean bulking that clean bulking exercises help a person to get a lean body with less muscle strength and better full-body strength. The simple definition of clean bulking will be that clean bulking; we sustain the calorie surplus. Now, what exactly calorie surplus is? A calorie surplus is a situation when one is more calorie than they burn. These exercises are followed by a particular diet with the help of high-intensity resistance training.

This whole process boosts the muscles and strength in your body. When a person starts following clean bulking body exercises, it can also be called a lean bulk. You mainly focus on putting less weight and gain more strength by the surplus in the calorie intake. The clean bulking diet has a very limited number of processed whole food. One should not consume any types of high-calorie junk food as they have a high number of fats and reduces the chances of having a leaner body composition.

As talked earlier that clean bulking is an orphan adopted by athletes who have the desire to stay lean in the offseason. I have seen many mixed martial arts fighters, gymnasts, boxers, strength athletes, and physical athletes going for lean bodies rather than choosing muscular body composition. When an interview, I was asked many of the sports athletes and gymnasts about their lean bodies. All had one single point about their body. They said that if they go for hardcore muscle training, they will lose their games as their games need more flexibility and strength than a muscular body. They feel slower when they gain more bulk of muscle. So it’s better to stay lean and strength full than a muscular body with less strength. 

How does it compare with dirty bulking? 

Clean bulking is far more different than dirty bulking. Dirty bulking is a very slow approach. In dirty working, you can eat almost everything as there are no limits to eating foods. You can eat junk food, lots of carbohydrates and anything which is edible. This strategy e is slow but useful for those people who are meant to put on as much weight as possible. They do not care about associated fat gain. 

I would suggest never use dirty bulking as it might be extremely harmful to your body. Old you will be able to gain muscle and strength quickly, its side effects are really dangerous. The list of side effects is very long, but some of them are sluggishness feeling, increased blood sugar levels, excessive fat gain, and high cholesterol. While on the other hand, clean bulking promotes a controlled environment by surplus the calorie for building muscles and removing fat from the body. 

How to start clean bulking

Now, as we have discussed the basics of clean bulking, we will understand how to start clean bulking. The very first step is to maintain the calories. You need to maintain the number of calorie intake to lose weight or be on the same weight throughout the process. There are some online calculators that can help you with this calorie and take numbers. You can easily know about your calorie intake by just feeling down a form. 

Now you need to stick on a 10 to 20% calorie surplus per day. Let’s take the example of an average-sized person who weighs about 175 pounds. He needs to add a maximum of 500 calories, and a person who is 135 pound in weight need to add about 300 to 400 calories surplus. After understanding the calories game, we will move on to daily protein.

A person who is following clean bulking must ensure 0.7 to 1 gram per pound daily protein intake. This will give support to muscle gain. And your breast calories depends on carbs and fats according to your preferences. In this whole process, one can also use several smartphone apps regarding to protein and calorie intake.

These are really helpful as one does not need to pay time and attention to all this mathematics. You also need to have a regular track of your progress. One should always note David at least weekly. A person who is trying for a weight gain of a half percent of your body weight per week must have a regular daily weight gain track. For this, let’s take the old example of a 175-pound man and 135-pound woman. One hundred seventy-five pounds man and will gain 0.8 LBS and 135 LBS women will gain 0.3-0.6 lbs per week. 

I have seen many people who say that their regular no weight gain is just minimal, and they are not getting any effect regarding to this. There is an extra tip for them; if one cannot see the number scale moving, they can slowly increase the weekly calorie intake by 200 calories. 

Food to eat while on clean bulking

In clean bulking, you need to be fully focused on your diet, while on the other hand, and dirty bulking, you can eat whatever whenever you want. In clean bulking, visually go for whole and unprocessed foods. However, processed items can allow small amounts of high calories in our body. However, one can enjoy all the foods in moderation, but some certain foods may make it more difficult to maintain a controlled calorie surplus. So it is better to avoid or limit all of those foods that are not required while on clean bulking. 

Foods to eat

  • Healthy fats- one can eat some healthy fats as they are essential for the body. The list of healthy fats that you may eat while on clean bulking comprises avocado, nut butter, seeds like chia flax seeds, and hemp, olive oil, nuts, and fatty fish.
  • Lean protein-protein is an essential part of clean bulking as it helps to maintain muscle mass in the body. The list comprises of eggs and eggs whites, tofu, Turkey, fish, pork, beef, cottage cheese, reduced-fat cheese, tempeh, protein powders, and Greek yogurt. 
  • Legumes-legume completes the essential vitamins and minerals for the body. The list comprises all types of beans, which may include navy, black, and Great Northern beans, chickpeas, and kidney. 
  • High-quality carbohydrates- these are very essential while on clean bulking as affect the fat burning and calorie surplus. The list of high-quality carbs main includes white and brown rice, whole grain pasta oats, quinoa, white and sweet potatoes. 
  • Fruit- one should always keep eating fruits in any diet as they are very essential for the human body. The list of fruits are oranges, apple pineapple, all types of berries, grapefruit, and bananas.
  • Nonstarchy vegetables- the list comprises of green beans, carrots, onions, tomatoes, asparagus, zucchini, peppers, and celery.
  • Cruciferous vegetables-the list of cruciferous vegetables consists of cauliflower, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and broccoli.
  • Dark leafy greens- dark leafy greens are also very important for the human body because there are many natural nutrients and vitamins. The list comprises Swiss chard, collard greens, spinach, and kale.
  • Beverages- beverages are also an important part of any diet. The list comprises of diet soda, coffee, tea kombucha, seltzer, and water. 

Foods not to eat

  • Highly processed foods- as we talked about earlier that highly processed foods are not at all good for clean bulking as they comprise of lots of bad fats. Although they are really helpful for a person with dirty bulking. Some of the Highly processed foods are canned soup and stews, chips, fast food, fried food, full-fat ice cream, cakes, cookies, and sugary cereals. One should also avoid processed meats like bacon, salami, sausage, ham, and pate. 
  • Protein- one should avoid eating bad proteins while on clean bulking. Fati cut off pork and beef, and one should also avoid processed beef sausages. 
  • Saturated fat- butter margarine, and certain oils. 
  • Beverages- some of the beverages are highly processed and contains a high amount of sugar in it. Some of them are sugary drinks, soft drinks, sweets, coffee, and lemonade. 

Benefits of clean bulking

There are lots of potential benefits of clean bulking, and some of them are

May limit excess fat gain

Some of the researches have shown that clean bulking provides a better and more calorie control approach towards bulking. Some of the data suggest that a surplus of 500 calories per day may help you to gain muscles quickly while storing fats in the body.

Many types of research have shown that dirty bulking has a higher surplus of fat intake that may be harmful to the body. Clean bulking is stable for muscle growth. And in dirty bulking first, you will see a sudden reflex of pumped-up muscles, but you will see unsustainability after some time. 

Prevents negative health effects 

Sometimes you may feel full when you are on a clean bulking, but in fact, it lowers down the risk of negative effects of high-calorie intake. Usually, high-calorie intake increases the risk of high blood sugar levels, but when you are following lean bulking, it reduces the risk of both high cholesterol and high blood sugar levels. As in lean bulking, the calorie intake does not consider by taking the processed food and fats. One should keep this in mind that maintaining a calorie surplus may depend on the individual. 

Excellent nutrition content 

As we know that clean bulk has predominant whole foods, and it is much nutritional than the dirty bulk. It comprises vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are those plant compounds that have been associated with anti-inflammatory effects. And you must know that a high fiber diet is closely associated with digestive health. High fibers are also helpful with type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. The quality of nutrients is far better in the clean bulking. 

Final Words 

Clean bulking has been the best solution for those people who believe in gaining strength rather than going with a muscular body. As a fitness trainer, I would suggest that if you are just starting out, you should not start with dirty bulking. Start practicing the clean bulking. It keeps your body bulky and strengthened. And if you are thinking of getting rid of fat soon, you may try clean bulking as it will definitely hello you in many ways. It is the best option for athletes, gymnasts, and sportspersons. 

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