Gunpowder Tea – How To Make, Benefits, And Side Effects

Gunpowder Tea – How To Make, Benefits, And Side Effects

There are so many health benefits of Gunpowder tea, but let’s first learn how Gunpowder tea originated. The name may have surprised you, “Gunpowder Tea!” but it is not at an actual gunpowder tea.

It does not even relate with such far far away (LOL!). The tea derived its name from China as they call this tea “gang pao de” which means “freshly brewed.” 

Gunpowder tea comes that looks like Gunpowder. The tea is usually produced by using the leaves of green tea, but it is not always possible.

So the benefits of Gunpowder tea totally depend on the types of leaves that are used to make it. 

What Is Gunpowder Green Tea?

Mostly the teas available in the market get their names from the region they originated, and according to their plant.

However, Gunpowder tea gets its name after the way tea looks and delivers the taste. 

There is a unique method to produce gunpowder tea. First, the workers have to wither the tea leaves, then steam and roll leaves, and after that, they put the leaves separately to dry them. 

The hand-rolled Gunpowder tea is considered as one of the highest quality tea.

Whereas, there is also machine rolled tea that is also available, but it is not considered as the highest quality like hand-rolled.  

Gunpowder tea is also known as pearl tea and sometimes as bead tea, which is according to their shape like tiny pellets.

It is also known as Chinese gunpowder tea by so many people. 

When you steep the gunpowder tea in a cup, the leaves will unroll individually. The taste of the tea is smoky similar to that of Oaken flavor. 

If you love to experiment with your tea, you can blend the flavor of gunpowder tea with other tea.

One best example of this is Moroccan Mint Tea, made with the blend of Spearmint tea and Gunpowder tea.

How to Make Gunpowder Tea

When you buy Gunpowder tea from offline or online stores, you have to make sure that you buy that tea, which has small, shiny, and tight pallets.

As a matter of fact, Gunpowder tea will stay fresh for a longer duration than that of the other types of tea. 

There are different methods of brewing Gunpowder tea as per the individual methods.

Some people like to brew gunpowder in a cup, some like to brew it in a teapot, and some use glass jars. 

The best and simplest method I like to follow is to brew the Gunpowder tea in a cup by pouring some hot water. 

Method To Brew Gunpowder Tea

Preheat The Teacup

Put One Tsp of Gunpowder Tea

Boil Water To 160F

Pour 4-5 ounces of boiled water

Leave it to infuse for 4-5 minutes

Now strain leaves and have you healthy Gunpowder tea.

Some tea experts recommend that we can use leaves again to make another cup of tea.

Benefits Of Gunpowder Tea

Gunpowder Tea Side Effects

The benefits of gunpowder tea are usually based on the type of tea it is made from.

If the gunpowder tea is made from the leaves of green tea, then it will give you maximum health benefits.

However, the Gunpowder tea benefits made from the different tea leaves are still to research.

So many scientists are working on taking out the exact benefits of Gunpowder tea on health in everyday life. 

There are studies based on the health benefits of green tea that it helps in boosting mental alertness. As it contains adequate amounts of caffeine, which is less than coffee and regular but good for health. 

Improve Immune System

Gunpowder tea made from the green tea leaves improves the immune system and keeps you away from common cold and flu.

Studies show that those who drink green tea on regular bases have improved immune systems and get sick rarely.

Moreover, it also shows that green tea lovers have more fighting cells than others who don’t like to drink green tea. 

Improve Heart Health

Research studies show that green tea also reduces the risk of chronic heart diseases.

Gunpowder green tea leaves help in lowering the cholesterol levels, as increased levels of cholesterol lead to heart diseases. 

Control Diabetes

The antioxidants present in the gunpowder tea made with green tea leaves helps in managing diabetic issues.

Studies found that green tea contains alkaloids and catechins that help in controlling sugar levels in the blood.

So taking Gunpowder tea on a regular basis will help diabetes suffering patients to regulate the appropriate amounts of insulin in their blood. 

Increase Life Span

One study conducted in Japan on the longest lifespan having people reveals that they drank green daily of about 4-5 cups.

This might be in excessive amounts as it increases the caffeine content in our blood.

But it can be concluded that consumption of gunpowder tea made with green tea helps in increasing the lifespan. 

Improves Digestion

Green tea contains catechins that are responsible for improving the digestive system.

They improve digestion by lowering the inflammation levels in the body and reduce the digestion related problems.

So, drinking two cups of gunpowder tea helps in improving your digestion and lowering the gut-related problems. 

Lower The Risk Of Chronic Diseases

Regular consumption of gunpowder tea helps in lowering the risk of chronic diseases to develop in the body.

The antioxidants present in the Gunpowder tea made from green tea helps in reducing the risk of diseases like cancer, heart, and Alzheimer’s. 

Boost Energy Levels

Caffeine is present in the Green tea that boosts the energy levels instantly. It is a fact that Gunpowder green tea has higher amounts of caffeine than any other kind of green tea, as rolled leaves contain more amounts of caffeine. It is the best alternative for those who are sensitive or don’t like coffee. 

Helps In Losing Weight

The ingredients contained in the gunpowder green tea helps in reducing the weight at much faster rates.

Caffeine, theanine, and catechins help in burning the extra fat as well as improve your appetite.

This means that your body will get healthy fats and reduce weight. 

Side Effects Of Gunpowder Tea

There are no such side effects of drinking Gunpowder tea, as it is made from the fresh leaves of green tea, which is safe to drink in moderate quantities. However, those who cannot bother caffeine can suffer from sleeplessness, headaches, and jitters. 

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