Average Healing Time For Sports Injuries

Average Healing Time For Sports Injuries

Well, if you are playing outdoor sports, it is very common you get injured. If we talk about specific games like in basketball, we see a player get ankle twists quite commonly, sometimes knee injuries, in football leg injuries are very common, the football players get ankle twists.

Well, we can’t talk about specific injuries in martial arts, some injuries in all sports are sprain and strains in muscles. A sportsperson suffers from cramps if he or she doesn’t warm up before playing or if they don’t do proper stretching exercises before playing games.

Healing from these injuries takes time; the healing time depends upon the type of injury, location, and little bit vary from one person to another. It matters that injury has happened to just skin, or it is an internal injury to bones, joints, tendons, or ligament. Healing time for all such locations is different. Of Course, a bone fracture takes a longer time to heal than a sprain or rugged skin.

Well, healing time for a sportsman is less than a person with the same injury but not playing sports.

This is due to an athlete having a better blood circulation than a normal guy. But the only set back is that if you don’t get the proper rest and rush to join your game again. Here you get details about the different injuries and their healing process.


Bone fractures mostly occur in football and other contact sports, where players are in immense momentum and come in contact. Simple fracture takes at least 6 weeks to heal, fracture in fingers or toes take around 4 weeks, well it also depends on the age of the person. Fracture in ribs takes about 6 weeks to heal, and it requires painkillers and breathing exercise as part of treatment. Neck fracture in any of the 7 vertebrae requires seven weeks to heal; support for the neck is required in this situation, whether neck brace or halo device must be used to provide support.

Collarbone fracture may take up to 5 to 10 weeks for healing. Compound fractures on a bone require surgery to stabilize the bone; this is a critical situation and requires around eight months to heal.

Sprains and Strains healing time

A sprain is tearing of a ligament, which is the tissue responsible for keeping the bones together. A joint strain is tearing or overstretching of the tendon or muscle. Sprained ankles can heal in about five days if given proper rest. Severe sprain involving torn or ruptured tendons can take about six weeks to heal. Whiplash, an acute neck sprain caused due to tackle, can take up to 6 weeks to heal.

Other Sports Injuries

Shoulder separation takes around 2 weeks of proper rest and treatment to recover. ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tears require months of rehabilitation and recuperation.

Achilles tendon rupture happens when the tendon is either partially or fully torn. It is a serious injury, and it requires surgery and about 5 months of rest.

In all these situations, first aid should be given to the injured as soon as possible. 


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