How Much Protein Powder Per Day is Good For Your Body?

How Much Protein Powder Per Day is Good For Your Body?

One of the macronutrients that the human body requires to stay healthy and fit is Protein. There are lots of protein benefits for the body. Many expert nutritionists considered Protein as the powerhouse for body health benefits. However, the Protein is essential for keeping our body maintained; it doesn’t mean that we should go and buy tons of protein boxes or fill our refrigerators with eggs and pounds of meat. Nutritionists also say that we should know how much protein powder per day is good your our health, protein intake depends on many factors like age, body types, and how intense your workout goals are. 

So the consumption of the Protein in high quantities is not always suitable for everyone. Taking the overdoses of Protein rather than benefiting your health may invite some bother able body issues that you may not want. You may have seen ads or marketing campaigns that promote Protein by featuring famous bodybuilders, celebrities, and athletes gobble the Protein, which is more than the recommended daily requirement. Even though all types of macronutrients are essential for maintaining the optimal fitness of the body, we should first understand the limitations of these macronutrients. 

How Does Protein Functions In Our Body

Body Health Protein is a macronutrient that is formed by the long chain of amino acids that has numerous health benefits to the human body. Each molecule of the Protein has its specific job to do in our body. Protein helps in the creation of the structure, regulation, and function of the body organs and form cells and tissues. Thus all these qualities of proteins make so many people drive crazy, and they are all enthusiastic about taking high amounts of Protein. 

Protein is responsible for the formation of nails and hair. It is also responsible for repairing and building damaged tissues and regulating hormones, enzymes, and essential body chemicals. Moreover, it also plays a crucial role in making our bone structure, skin, muscles, blood, and cartilage. 

Protein does not provide energy to our body; it carbohydrates and fats that provide us the power needed to do our daily tasks. As Protein mostly comes from the food, people usually think of eating more protein-rich foods to obtain the optimal fitness goals, however, this is not good. 

What Are One’s Body Protein Requirements?

Due to the massive marketing campaigns, we usually misunderstood the concept of protein intake. Rather than focusing on the more consumption of Protein, one should focus on the quality and the quantity of the protein sources based on each individual’s needs. 

According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition Committee, the recommended protein intake for physically active individuals is about 1.5 to 2 grams per kilogram each day. They suggest this much consumption based on the body of athletes or who do regular exercises. 

How Much Protein Should You Intake?

The amount of Protein for an average individual depends on the type of lifestyle and how physically active they are in their daily life. Everyone wants to consume tons of Protein, whether eating chicken, eating protein bars, or having their protein shake, which might result in a muscular and healthy body. But a healthy body is the result of both heavy exercises and healthy, nutrient-rich food.  

Institute of Medicine recommends that a healthy or nonactive individual can consume .8 grams of protein per kilogram of their body weight each day for optimal body fitness. Daily Recommended protein requirements for individuals is about 1.5 grams for children, .8-1.5 grams for elders, and 1.2-2.0 for athletes per bodyweight.  


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