10 Shoulder Workouts For Beginners

10 Shoulder Workouts For Beginners

Lifting the weight that is too heavy for you is a mistake despite the part of the body you are working, though it can be truly harmful when doing the shoulder workouts. The shoulder is complicated and delicate joints that are not particularly easy to target. If you do put the shoulder under too much load before they are ready, then you can end up with injuries. 

It is absolutely important to schedule some shoulder exercises in your workouts plan. You need to hit the upper trapezius, rotator cuff muscles, deltoids, levator scapulae, and serratus anterior to build the three-dimensional shoulders.

Apart from strengthening the upper body muscles and the bones under them, you will safeguard your body against the injury. So in this article, we will tell you the best shoulder workouts that you can try next time you hit gym or even at home.

What Should I Eat Before a Workout?

Fueling the body with the right nutrients prior to a workout will give the strength and energy to perform better. 

Every macronutrient has a special role before the workout. However, the ratio in which you need to eat them varies by the particular and types of exercise.


The muscles use the glucose from the carbs as fuel. Glycogen is a body process and stores glucose, primarily in the muscle and liver.  

For high and short intensity exercise, the glycogen stores are the main muscles source of energy. The glycogen stores in muscles are limited; as these glycogen stores become exhausted, your energy and output decline.

Carbs loading includes eating the high-carb diet for one to seven days; it is a well-known method to increase glycogen stores.


Some studies have shown the importance of pre-workout protein intake to increase athletic performance. Eating protein alone or with carbs prior to workout has been shown to improve muscle protein synthesis.

Other benefits of consuming protein before exercise that include:

  • Improved muscle recovery
  • Lean body mass and increased strength
  • The better anabolic response, or muscle growth
  • Increased muscle performance


The glycogen is used for high and short intensity sessions of workouts, and fat is the source of longer and short intensity workouts.

Some experts also investigated the effects of fat consumption on athletic performance. Though, these studies observed high-fat diets over a longer time, preferably prior to exercise.

Best Shoulder Exercises

Barbell Overhead Shoulder Press

The barbell shoulder press works not only the shoulders, but it also works most of the body. This exercise makes a terrific focus on strengthening and mass building, with other things. To start this workout, put your feet at the shoulder width, now tighten the cores as you hold the baseball at the shoulder and palm facing forward. Next, push the bar upward and squeeze the shoulder blades together at the peak.

Dumbbell Seated Shoulder Press

Hold the dumbbell in each hand and sit on the bench. Keeping the lower back flat and lean forward. Explosively straighten the body and shrug the weight so the arms can rise. Allow the momentum to flip the wrist, so you catch the weights at the shoulder level.

Standing Dumbbell Fly

Hold the dumbbell in each hand by the sides. Without shrugging the shoulder, use the upper part to wave the weights up by some inches. The torso and arms will make an upside-down V shape. Think of it as a parallel rise with force but without the full range of motion.

Face Pull

Attach the rope handle to the top lift of a cable. Grab the end in each hand with your palm facing each other. Now step back to place force on a cable; after that, pull the handle to the forehead so the palms face the ears, and the upper back is fully contracted. 

 High Pull

Hold the bar with hands about the double shoulder-width in front of the thighs. Now bend the hips and knees, so the bar hangs just above the knees. Extend the hips as you jump and drag the bar up to the shoulder level with the elbows wide apart, as an upright row. 

Trap Raise

Set the bench to the low incline and chest lie down with the dumbbell in each hand. Now retract the shoulder blades; after that, raise weights straight out, so the arms are parallel to the floor.

Press and Clean

Stand and feet should be shoulder width. Keeping the lower back arched, bend the hips back to lower the torso and hold the bar with the shoulder width hands. Now spread the hips to lift the bar off the floor. Now, when it gets past knees, jump and shrug the bar so that force raises it and catches it at shoulder level. Support the abs and stand tall. Hold the straight bar overhead.

Band Lateral Raise

Step on the end of each band with the opposite foot, so the band makes the X in front of the body. Now lift the arms 90 degrees out to the sides until the upper arms are parallel to the floor.

 Band Bent-Over Lateral Raise

Stand at the end of one band with the right foot and grab it with the left hand. Now do it the same way with another band on the left leg so that the bands cross each other. Now bend the back until the torso is parallel to the floor. The band should be set in this start position, now squeeze the shoulder blades together and lift the arms out side by side.

Trainer Suspension Pike Pushup

Join the suspension trainer to the strong items overhead, lower the foot cradles about knee height. Now get into a pushup position with the feet in the cradles, and your hand placed shoulder-width on the floor. Moreover, keep the abs braced and lower the body until the chest is above the floor; after that, push back up. Now bend the hips and lift them in the air until the torso is vertical.

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Final Words

These are some of the best shoulder workouts, which we have mentioned above. These shoulder workouts help you to increase your shoulder size. Just focus on the deltoids but practice the full range of exercise. It is recommended that practice your shoulder exercise one to three times a week and take a day off between workout days to relax muscles. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.


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