Surprising Healthy Late Night Snacks You Can Have Without Guilty

Healthy late night snacks are what you are looking for that you can eat without feeling guilty. Bang On! Here below you will find the list of healthy late night snacks that are easily available as well as easy to make.

It may happen with all of us; we all get hungry at night even after having a complete dinner. Nighttime cravings bother us all that we can’t resist without eating. 

But for health concerns, it is important that we eat those snacks which do not cause health risks to our body. 

These late-night snacks should promote weight loss and contain those ingredients that have numerous health benefits to our body. 

Challenge you find is to figure out which is the best late-night snack option for you, that you can eat without worrying about health. 

There are some studies that show eating late at night is the cause of weight-related issues and leads to many chronic diseases. (Source 1)

In case if you are extremely hungry and can’t sleep due to this, then a healthy and nutrients rich snack that is not more than 200 calories. Such after dinner, snacks are considered as healthy and do not affect your body. 

In this article, we will talk about the healthy late-night snack option, which you can have without feeling regret.

Best Late Night Snack Options For Weight Loss & Overall Health 


Pistachios nuts are considered to be the best nuts for sound sleep. These nuts contain high amounts of melatonin that promote sleep. 

Most of the plant-based foods naturally have some amount of melatonin, but Pistachios are considered best and healthy late-night snacks. 

Consuming 28 grams of pistachios will give you 160 calories with 6.5 mg melatonin. A recommended amount of melatonin to aid you in sleep is about .5 to 5 milligrams. (2

Banana & Almond Butter

When cravings bother you late at night, you can take a ripe banana with a tablespoon of almond butter (unsweetened). 

Banana and almond butter is a better option for after dinner snacks at midnight as they make you feel full by only giving your 165 calories. 

This combination is also highly beneficial for aiding sleep and best for weight loss plans. 

One study shows that eating two bananas helps in increasing 4 times the melatonin level in blood within a span of two hours. (3)

One of the fruits that are considered as rich in serotonin, a nerve messenger, is banana. Some of the serotonin is then converted into melatonin by your body. 

It is found that almond nuts and its butter is also a good way of getting sleep-promoting chemical melatonin in your body. Moreover, almonds are a great source of vitamin E, magnesium, and healthy fats to your body. 

Magnesium is linked to support sleep by stimulating melatonin production. (4)

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Tart Cherry

Tart cherries are one of the best snack options for late at night. Studies show that they are helpful in promoting sleep as well as keep the bodyweight maintained. 

Tart cherries also help in controlling inflammation levels and protect your body from chronic inflammation issues like heart disease and arthritis. (5)

These contain fewer amounts of melatonin as compared with other sleep-promoting snacks; however, they contain Phytochemical Procyanidin B-2, which is used to stimulate the melatonin production in the body. 

40 grams of the tart cherry before bedtime is best for a late-night snack, and they only give you less than 140 calories. 


Kiwis are one of the fruits that are seen on insta stories by so many health and fitness influencers. They promote kiwi as one of the main and healthiest ingredients of their diet, which is true also. Kiwis are a great source of antioxidants with lots of other essential vitamins and minerals. 

Whenever late-night hunger bothers you, peel two kiwis, and enjoy them without any worries as they give you only 93 calories with abundant amounts of vitamin C and 5 grams fiber. 

Moreover, kiwis are helpful in promoting sleep as well as help in decreasing the time you take to fall asleep by 35%. 

It increases melatonin levels instantly and makes you feel full without increasing calorie intake.

Kiwis are among the list of those foods that contain good amounts of serotonin that provide a relaxing effect as well as make you fall asleep faster.

Not only this, but serotonin is also beneficial in curbing cravings for carb intake, which means it will also promote weight loss. 

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Protein-Rich Snack

Many health experts say that protein-rich snacks are one of the healthy late-night snacks that you will promote muscle repair. 

Protein-rich snacks also reduce the risk of muscle loss with aging and regular exercising routine.

Smoothies and shakes are the better option for late-night snacks and increasing the protein intake that helps in promoting muscle repairs. 

You can make a protein smoothie with low-fat milk and a ripe banana, blueberries, or any other fruit you like. 

Milk contains a good amount of tryptophan, a type of amino acid that the body uses to make melatonin and serotonin. 

Cheese And Crackers

It is one of the best and tastier late-night snack options that will provide you balanced amounts of protein and carbs and keep a consistent sugar level in your blood. 

Cheese and crackers are also good late-night snacks for a sleep perspective, too, as the cheese will provide you with a good amount of tryptophan. 

As mentioned earlier, tryptophan helps in the production of melatonin and serotonin levels in your body. 

Make sure to consume 4 or 16 grams of whole grain crackers and 28 grams of cheddar cheese low fat, and it will only give you less than 150 calories. (6)

Goji Berry

You may get fascinated by these bright red and orangish berries that supply good amongst antioxidants like carotenoids. 

In a researched study, it is found that goji berry helps in improving the quality of sleep, feeling less tired, and waking up easily in the morning. 

More studies are required to take out the actual benefits of goji berries for sleeping. However, these are some of the most nutrient-rich snack options that you can have without feeling regret. 

40 grams of Goji berries will give you 150 calories after your dinner and get good amounts of nutrients. 

Hot Cereal

Hot cereals are not only good food for breakfast, but it can eat late at night whenever hunger bothers you. 

You can make hot cereal with whole grains like oatmeal. This also gives you good amounts of fiber with other nutrients. 

Moreover, hot cereals are a better option than cold and refined meals. You can also make a late-night meal with cooked rice or barley adding low-fat hot milk. Also garnish it with nuts, dried fruits, and a pinch of cinnamon powder. 

Also, you can make a batch of hot cereals and store it in the refrigerator so that you can consume it for 3-4 days whenever hunger bothers you. 

You can make them in water and then need to reheat when you want to have late-night snacks. 

Barley, rice, and oats are the great source of melatonin and fiber that are good to make you fall asleep quickly and improve digestion function. 

175 grams of oat will give you 124 calories with other nutrients that benefit your health. 

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Yogurt is the best source of taste, as well as calcium. It is basically known for providing gut-healthy bacteria and promoting bone health. However, recent studies show that yogurt is also helpful in promoting sleeping time. (7)

Our body requires calcium for producing melatonin using the tryptophan amino acid. It also contains good amounts of protein, especially casein, which is crucial for our brain and body health. 

Studies also show that intake of casein protein before bed helps in reducing the chances of feeling sleepy after waking up in the morning first. 

Make sure to consume unsweetened and plain yogurt. You can add freshly chopped fruits like apples and your favorite berries. 

Trail Mix

You can use either trail mix from the store or can make a batch at home. Nuts, seeds, and dry fruits are the better late-night snack options and a healthy choice that will give you all the essential nutrients. 

You can mix them in an equal quantity and pack them in a snack bag so that they can be packed tightly. 

Trail mixes are high in calories, so make sure to take the portion size accordingly. A handful or 38 grams of trail mix is enough for you as it gives all essential nutrients with 173 calories. 

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These are the best foods that you can have before going to bed, and they are totally safe for your health. 

High-calorie late-night snacks do no wonders instead of increasing weight. Nutrient-rich snacks must always be considered as healthy as they contain fewer calories. These types of snacks are capable of providing you all the essential nutrients that are important for brain health. 

All these late-night snack options will do wonders with your health as well as improve your sleeping patterns.


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