What Is CBD Water, and Should You Drink It?

What Is CBD Water, and Should You Drink It?

CBD or Cannabidiol Oil has become popular all around the world in these recent years. Various stores provide good health-related products and start keeping CBD contain capsules, vapes, gummies, and several CBD infused products. One of the most popular CBD infused health items that have become popular these days is CBD water. There is also marijuana water and hemp water, but Cannabidiol water is one of the best and legally approved. 

After cannabis farming was declared legal by the US legislation, the availability of CBD water has become easy, and individuals can buy them from any store. 

What Is CBD Water? 

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CBD or Cannabidiol is a type of chemical compound that is found in the Cannabis family. Cannabidiol is not a chemical compound like Tetrahydrocannabinol that leads to psychoactive drugs. This does not at all lead to feeling high like marijuana or THC. 

In the health industry, CBD or Cannabidiol is popular for its health benefits and medicinal properties it contains. Research studies found that CBD medical properties help reduce inflammation, anxiety, stress levels, and help relieve pain. 

CBD water comes into form when CBD particles are infused in water for several hours and then arrive in the market for individuals. 

Manufacturers and some health experts say that drinking CBD infused water is good to get an adequate amount of CBD levels and get the potential CBD health benefits. 

CBD Content In CBD Water

When you are buying CBD water, you may not get the CBD’s adequate content in some CBD water brands. Their content of CBD in CBD Water of most of the brands fluctuates from 2 to 5 mg. 

However, the recommended daily dosage of CBD by the researched studies is about 15 mg. To drive the maximum health benefits from CBD, one should consume at least 15 milligrams of Cannabidiol on a daily basis says the research studies. 

In regards to this, many manufacturers said that they reduce the size of CBD content using nanotechnology and make it easy for their customers to absorb the CBD water benefits fully. 

However, there is no or one can say limited research on identifying the proper use of nanotechnology in order to decrease the size of the particle. But one research shows that the human body can easily and better absorb CBD nanoparticles that are lipid-based. Thus, more research is required to find that the use of nanoparticles of CBD in CBD water can have any effect on better absorption or not. 

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CBD Degradation

If you are using CBD water, then you have to be careful in preserving the water. It is because the CBD chemical compound is highly unstable, and its particles can be destroyed if not preserved properly. 

If you expose CBD water in sunlight or even in the open air for some time, the particles get destroyed, and CBD water’s potential health benefits will not be derived. 

If you see in the stores, you will notice that most of the stores keep CBD water under the bright light and in clear transparent containers for weeks. This will damage the CBD particles in water and degrade the CBD content. Some studies found that CBD water effects get decreased due to inappropriate storage conditions. Especially the CBD water exposure indirect light, causing great damage to CBD water health benefits. 

CBD degradation can also be caused due to exposure to air. The particles of CBD get destroyed when they are exposed in air for some time. Therefore, when you open the CBD water bottle to drink it in just a fraction of seconds, some amount of CBD content breaks down when you open it for a while. One good news is that there are no effects of temperature on CBD water degradation, it’s content remains unaffected in any level of temperature. 

However, more research studies are required to find the proper effects of different factors on CBD water health benefits. 

Cost Of CBD Water

CBD water is one of the most expensive types of water you have ever drunk. A 500 ml bottle of CBD water can cost you from $4 to $7 USD, and tax and shipping are excluded from it. If you buy CBD water in bulk, it can cost you a little less, but even after each bottle will be $3 USD. 

How Much CBD Water Should I Drink?

As there are numerous health benefits of CBD water but these products, contain only a minimal amount of it. As CBD water effects are easily affected by light and air, it is better to take the CBD health benefits from other sources like CBD capsules and oil. 


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