Various Health Benefits of Black Tea

Various Health Benefits of Black Tea

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The leaves used to make black tea and green tea are from the same plant, namely, Camellia sinensis. The dark color and flavor of black tea are because it is dried and fermented, unlike green tea, which does not go through fermentation. Some common types and blends of black tea found are – 

· Orange Pekoe

· Assam

· Unnan

· Keemun

· Darjeeling

· Ceylon

· Nilgiri

· Lapsang souchong

· Earl grey tea

· Chai tea

· English breakfast tea

· Irish breakfast tea

Let us have a glance at the various benefits of black tea-

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Cardiovascular disease – both black and green tea is good for people with high blood pressure or pre-hypertension. Black tea consumption helps in reducing their systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. Along with that, it also helps in the reduction of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol and blood pressure as well.

Diabetes – though, according to researches, there is no significant reduction in the blood glucose level after consumption of black tea. Yet it helps in decreasing blood glucose levels.

Brain health – along with other benefits of black tea, one prominent one is that it lowers the risk of one having cognitive impairment, improves the functioning of blood vessels, and improves the flow of blood in the brain.

How to make black tea?

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If you have bought loose black tea from the market, then you would have to look for instructions on how to make black tea. Here we are to ease your work so, just follow these simple steps to make black tea –


1 cup of water

1tbsp black tea leaves

1tsp sugar, honey, and lemon 


· Add one cup of water to a teapot and boil it at medium flame.

· After the water has come to a boil, add 1tbsp of black tea leaves.

· Cover the teapot with a lid.

· Let the leaves be in the water for at least 3-5 minutes for rich flavor.

· You can also add milk and lemon to it or sweetening agents like honey and sugar.

Some people also add herbs, spices, chocolates, lemon, ginger, milk, cinnamon, lemongrass, basil, etc. while brewing their tea for immense flavor. Black tea is brewed by different regions in different styles by adding ingredients that help them to cherish it in a better way. 

Side effects of black tea

side effects of black tea
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Black tea has caffeine in it, and some individuals might have anxiety, high blood pressure, ulcer symptoms, and increased heart rate due to its consumption. If taken in large amounts, black tea can be harmful to people, but it seems that people mostly prefer to look towards the positive aspects neglecting the negative aspects. People mostly consume black tea three times a day, and little is known to them that how much quantity per day could be considered as a lot to cause side effects. It contains substances such as fluoride, boron, and arsenic, which, if taken for a long period of time on a regular basis, can cause serious side effects. The rich and flavourful taste should not allow you to unsee the serious side effects of black tea, which can cause chronic health issues. Some other side effects to be noted are –

· Iron deficiency

· Caffeine overdose

· Acidity

· Insomnia

· Hemorrhoids

· Glaucoma

· Headaches

· Miscarriage


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