11 Best Leg Exercises For Beginners

11 Best Leg Exercises For Beginners

Many people concentrate on training their upper bodies tough by doing chest workouts, ab sessions, and arm workouts with a fierce intensity. But here is one secret, if you want all that hardcore training to be useful you have to spend serious time building those wheels. So in this article, we will tell you the best leg exercises for beginners. 

Leg day training can be brutal, thanks to Crossfit, more and more guys are embracing it, but it is completely important. Training your legs challenges the entire body for several reasons. The leg takes the weight of the upper body. Across the board, a multi-joint leg exercises top this list. 

Moreover, gaining more muscle mass into the movement, leg exercises make the greater release of the muscle-building testosterone hormones and growth hormone. The number of muscles called into play is important on leg day because there are several numerous large muscle groups involved: quads (four muscles), glutes (three muscles), calves (two muscles), and hamstrings (three muscles).

Here are Some Leg Workouts

Front Squat

There is an endless option of barbell squat variations, though there are no options that give you more bang for the buck than the front squat. The front weighted nature of the movement is going to push you to develop the ankle, hip, shoulder mobility, and here is the best part of all: Your entire body has to be burning the entire time to protect the spine and make a move possible. It is an ab workout wrapped in a leg workout.

Bodyweight Squat

This a best leg move that can go anywhere with you, though it is trickier than you might think. Many people make the error by thinking it is all about knees and does not sit back as much as they should. Learn to sit back, and you will attack the hamstrings and glutes more. The bodyweight squats increase more than you think. Add the pulse and pause in somewhere, and you are creating the challenge without significantly adding weight.


It is the main of all rear chain focused workout, and also a great way to pack the muscle onto the whole body. Whether you are doing it conventionally, trap bar, or with the sumo style, you will be hammering the core to train your forearms and your back more than you think. Moreover, most importantly, you will be challenging the glutes and hamstrings with a serious load.

Kettlebell Swing

It is fun to swing the weight around, and when you do this with a good-form of this exercise, then you are hammering your core, increasing the heart rate. Moreover, piling size, power & strength into the glutes and hamstrings. The kettlebell swing makes the serious lower-body explosives and adds to your broad jump, vertical leap, and other athletic moves.

Walking Lunge

The walking variation is higher due to the fact that the trail leg can go through the next step. And it trains the glutes more dynamically and it keeps the lift more effective in nature. Moreover, the knees take fewer stress forces due to regularly starting or stopping or changing direction. You can start by learning basic lunge workout, which you can do right here.

Goblet Squat

Consider this workout, your ultimate squat teacher. If you are struggling to achieve the best squat depth or keep the torso in the proper upright form, doing this workout is the best way to solve those problems. You will learn good techniques and begin to understand the perfect body position for the squat.

Bulgarian Split Squat

This workout builds strength while at the same time, challenges balance and leg mobility. Raising the rear foot onto the bench or box, it instantly creates a challenging stretch for the quads and hip flexors on the back leg. It places more of the balance challenge on both the hips and front legs. It is a great way to build mobility towards a deep squat. Overall, you will smoke the glutes and quads while also saving yourself unwanted back pain.

Leg Press

This exercise is the best way to hit the quads with a lot more insolation than many squat changes that can give. Moreover, it is a joint saving for lifters with their share of battle scars like hip, knee, and thin back issues.

Romanian Deadlift

It is the main hamstring builder, using the free weights that can really be worked up. It is as simple as that. Possibly the best part of this workout is how it prioritizes the controlled eccentric reducing the change from the leg moves. And it drives you to focus only on lifting the weight.

Nordic Hamstring Curl

This workout is also known as the natural glute hamstrings raise; it is a fair alternative when in a poorly equipped gym. Strengthening it by lowering the body as slowly as possible to the ground taps into the strong muscle fibers the hamstrings possess; also, it will not fail to improve the strength. Not only is it best for leg development, but it is even better for injury prevention; nordic hamstring strength is key to slow down the body.

Step Up

This classic workout is actually done with good form, and also it is a hidden weapon for hip, knee health, unilateral stability, and glute strengthening. The key is stepping up with the good form, keeping the knees turned out, and glutes tight. In this exercise, you are blending flexibility, balance, and strength into one move. It is a very useful move no matter whether you are a crossfitter, bodybuilder, or common strength enthusiast.

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Final Words

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about some of the best leg exercises that you can do at home and at the gym. If you have not already, be sure to check out this article before going to do the workout. Which leg workout is your favorite? And if we miss out on something, let us know in the comments. 


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