Natural Pre-Workout Supplements For Better Performance During Workout

Natural Pre-Workout Supplements For Better Performance During Workout

Pre-workout supplements benefit in increasing our workout performance and give your body enough energy to do the entire workout, especially the long one without getting faint. 

There are so many pre-workout supplements available in the stores and even online that you use, but most of them are chemically based. As health concerns are increasing and avoiding the intake of chemical-based foods, natural products have taken place. 

Natural pre-workout supplements are best as they are easy to digest by your body as well as provide extra benefits instead of only increasing workout performance. 

You can take any natural pre-workout supplement but know about them and how they react with your body. Natural pre-workout supplements play a major role in keeping your body healthy and easily dissolving in your body. 

Which Natural Pre-Workout Supplement To Intake

what are the best natural pre-workout supplement

As there are multiple supplements available, it is a bit confusing to choose the best pre-workout supplement for your workout. 

Finding a pre-workout supplement highly depends on the type of exercise you perform. You should consider your pre-workout supplement with your fitness goals and the type of exercises you are going to perform. 

Different pre-workout supplements have different types of ingredients in them and are responsible for enhancing the certain aspect of your workout performance. 

Some supplement ingredients are beneficial in increasing power or strength, whereas other ingredients may help in increasing body endurance. 

In this article, we will talk about seven types of natural pre-workout supplements that target your body’s specific needs. 

Learn about each type of supplement ingredient and how they are going to help you with the best workout. 

7 Best Pre-Workout Supplements For Improving Workout Performance

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As you may have already heard, caffeine is a type of molecule which is found in the coffee, tea, and beverages of some type. 

Caffeine helps in stimulating a certain part of our brain that increases alertness as well as you will feel less fatigued after a few minutes of workout. 

Caffeine is the natural and most popular pre-workout ingredient, which is a great alternative pre-workout supplement. So many people consume caffeine before their workout to boost performance. 

Caffeine is also very helpful in increasing the power and ability to produce force in your body instantly. It is helpful in giving the right boost before the several types of exercises like sprinting, cycling, and weight training. 

Research studies show that caffeine helps in improving performance during long hours exercising events like cycling and running as well as for high-intensity activity like soccer. 

Also, the recommended dose of caffeine is about 1.4 mg to 2.7 mg for every pound of your body weight. 


It is a type of molecule which is present inside your cell. It is also one of the effective dietary supplements that are used to increase strength. 

Many sportspeople use creatine supplements to increase their power and strength before their event. 

Research studies show that creatine helps in increasing the muscle mass, performance, and strength in the body. (Source 1)

Studies show that creatine increases strength by 5-10% for heavy exercising when taking it as a supplement. 

This happens because creatine is an essential part of the body for the production of energy and strength. 

The recommended dose for creatine consumption is about 20 grams a day, which can initially be taken in parts of multiple parts. 

After this, you will be recommended to take 3 to 5 grams of creatine per day. 


It is an amino acid that helps in fighting against muscle fatigue. When you exercise, some acids are started to produce inside your body, for which beta-alanine helps in combat. 

Consuming beta-alanine as a pre-workout supplement helps in improving your workout performance for intense exercises. It is a great natural pre-workout supplement for exercises that last for about one to five minutes. But it is not a very good supplement for exercises that are performed less than one minute like a single set performed in weight training.

The recommended dose for this supplement is about 4 to 6 grams each day before 30 minutes of your workout. 

Sodium Bicarbonate

You may get surprise to know how a kitchen product can be helpful in increasing workout performance.  

Many people only know that baking soda, which is used for cooking purposes, helps fight against acid production in our body. 

Studies show that baking soda is effective in lowering fatigue increase during the workout. The burning sensation experienced by the as a burning sensation in muscles. 

Intense exercising causes the production of acid, which leads to sensation in your muscles.

Various studies show that baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is helpful during intense activities like cycling, running, and sprinting. (2)

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Nitrate is also a natural pre-workout supplement that is highly present in spinach, beetroot, and turnips. Also, the human body also produces a small amount of nitrate naturally. 

It can be a beneficial supplement for increasing your workout performance. As nitrate converts into nitric oxide that helps in increasing blood circulation in the body. (3)

Nitrate pre-workout supplements are mostly consumed by the sportspersons before their workout. These supplements are made from using the beetroot juice or beetroot directly. 


It is a type of amino acid that your body naturally produces. However, the intake of citrulline from supplements or even food helps in increasing the body’s performance level. 

This increase in the performance level helps boost performance during your intense workout. 

One of the effective benefits of citrulline in exercise is that it increases your blood flow inside your body tissues. 

In this way, citrulline helps in delivering essential nutrients and oxygen supply to your muscles for good performance. 

The safe recommended dose for this supplement is about 15 grams so that there are no side effects to your body. 


BCAA is the short form of branched-chain amino acid that consists of three crucial molecules like valine, leucine, and isoleucine. 

This type of amino acid is highly available in protein food products, especially in animal food products. 

This supplement is beneficial for muscle building purposes; however, it is not very effective like the whole protein. 

Research studies show that BCAA helps increase performance during high endurance exercises like running and weight lifting. (4)

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Final Words

These are the effective natural pre-workout supplements that you can take without worrying about how they react with your body. 

There are so many heavy weight lifters, sportspersons, trainers, and gyming lovers who use natural sources of pre-workout supplements for boosting their workout routine. 

These are safe with no side-effects on the body, but make sure to consume them in the recommended dosage for maximum benefits.


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