Remarkable Benefits of Wheat Germ Oil

Remarkable Benefits of Wheat Germ Oil

In the contemporary world, almost everyone is living a busy life. We all look for comprehensive solutions that can help us in coping with multiple issues. In this regard, wheat germ oil is one such amazing product. Here is an article with a discussion on wheat germ oil benefits. 

Wheat germ oil sounds like a kitchen product, but do you know, you can use it for various purposes like skin issues. Yes, you read it right. There are multiple uses of wheat germ oil, which has increased its popularity at the present time.

What is Wheat Germ Oil?

Wheat germ oil is drawn out from the kernel of wheat grains. It is a rich source of folic acid and vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. It is also loaded with a wide range of essential nutrients, which makes it a perfect healthy addition to your diet. 

The nutritional value of wheat germ oil is high as compared to other grains or vegetables. It contains around 25% of the nutrients of wheat grain, due to which it offers a wide range of health benefits. 

Wheat Germ Oil Nutrition Facts

According to USDA, one teaspoon of wheat germ oil provides the below mentioned nutritional benefits (Source). 

  • Calories – 120
  • Fat – 14g
  • Protein – 0g
  • Fiber – 0g
  • Sugars – 0g
  • Carbohydrates – 0g
  • Sodium – 0g


Wheat germ oil is popular among beauty buffs and healthy eaters for its fat content. It contains polyunsaturated fat, which is good fat. It is beneficial to boost heart health. There are two types of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and both of them are present in wheat oil. 


Wheat germ oil is a good source of vitamin E, which is an antioxidant. It helps neutralize the free radicals in our body and render benefits against specific diseases like Alzheimer’s or prostate cancer. A single serving of wheat germ oil also provides a small amount of vitamin K. This vitamin is important for the purpose of blood clotting (Source). 

Wheat Germ Oil Benefits

A wide range of benefits of wheat germ oil is associated with a healthy fat present in it. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that all the fats, including healthy fat, are energy-dense. It means that it renders more calories per gram as compared to fat. Therefore, if managing a healthy weight is your aim, you should consume fats in moderation. Below mentioned are some common wheat germ oil benefits. 

Antioxidants and Anti Aging Properties

Wheat germ oil is loaded with anti-aging and antioxidant properties. It helps in preventing a wide range of diseases like cardiovascular disease or cancer.

It is also beneficial to reduce the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines, and also helps in reducing the signs of premature aging. It is good to preserve the texture of your hair and skin and also provides skin protection from skin damage.  

Repairs Tissues

Wheat germ oil is loaded with vitamin B, which helps in repairing the damaged tissues and the ones in growth. It also helps the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to reach our cells. 

Reduces Bad Cholesterol

One of the amazing wheat oil benefits is that it helps in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol to a great extent. Moreover, it also increases blood circulation, which helps in managing a healthy heart. 

Boosts Energy

Wheat germ oil is loaded with octacosanol, which helps in improving muscular energy. Therefore, it is highly recommended for sportspersons. It provides sufficient energy and oxygen during exercise. In addition to this, it also makes you energetic. 

Prevents Birth Defects

Wheat gram oil is beneficial to prevent different types of birth defects like miscarriages and impotence. It is loaded with vitamin E. It is advisable for pregnant women as it helps in preventing birth defects. 

Prevent Skin Issues

If you love healthy skin, then wheat germ oil is the perfect choice for you. It helps in preventing various skin issues such as dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema. You can apply this oil typically, and it will soothe as well as repair your skin. It is rich in vitamin E, which is considered good for skin (Source).

Improves Overall Health

Regular consumption of this oil helps in managing a long, healthy, and disease-free life. It prevents various diseases, reducing stress, and also makes you energetic. Therefore, if you want a healthy life, include wheat germ oil in your daily life. 

Encourages Blood Sugar Levels

What gram oil is packed with magnesium. Therefore when it is consumed regularly, it helps in encouraging healthy control of blood sugar. It is beneficial for diabetic patients. It helps in controlling the levels of sugar, which in turn control diabetes to a remarkable extent. 

Fights Fat Accumulation

Wheat germ oil is good to fight fat when it is used on a regular basis. It helps in getting rid of the extra fat from the body. If you are making efforts to lose weight, then you should make it a part of your diet. 

Regulates Nervous System

Wheat germ oil is highly beneficial to lift the mood as it is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. It helps in regulating the nervous system in a systematic manner. This oil makes you energetic. It contains a vitamin-B complex, which helps in reducing stress to a remarkable extent. 

How to Use?

In order to get the health benefits of wheat germ oil, you can add it to your diet in the below-mentioned ways. 

  • In baking cooking, waffles, bread, etc.
  • Sprinkle it over soups, cereals, salads, ice creams, or yogurt. 

If you want glowing skin and looking for a solution to get rid of premature signs of aging, then wheat germ oil is the perfect solution for you. Topical application of wheat germ oil can help in managing a glowing and beautiful skin. 

Final Words

Wheat germ oil has a wide range of potential benefits; however, if you are allergic to wheat, you should avoid it. Wheat germ oil can help in living a healthy and disease-free life. Moreover, it is also beneficial to reduce stress and manage good skin. If you like the above-mentioned information about wheat germ oil benefits, then drop a comment. 


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