Is Rose Essential Oil Beneficial?

Is Rose Essential Oil Beneficial?

Rose flower can be used beyond love stories and celebrations. Rose oil, like other essential oils, is known for its numerous potential benefits for skin and face.

If you want to know about the uses, benefits, and side effects of rose oil in detail, then keep on reading.

Rose Essential Oil benefits:

Rose oil has many benefits for skin, face, and hair. Let’s check out some of the rose oil benefits in detail.

Ease Pain

Rose oil has many uses, and one of them is a painkiller. A study was conducted on children who inhaled rose oil and almond oil. The group that inhaled rose oil showed signs of a decrease in the pain levels.

Rose essential oil stimulates the brain to release endorphins, also known as the feel-good hormone. Based on this research, rose oil is used in aromatherapy to ease pain in people who have undergone surgery. 

Relieves menstrual discomfort

Rose essential oil is also known to provide benefits in easing discomfort during menstruation. 

A study done in 2013 found that patients suffering from menstrual pain experienced relief when massaged rose oil on the abdominal area. 

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Rose oil is said to have a relaxing effect on people. 

Researchers applied rose oil to the participant’s skin and then measured its effects on the anxiety. Heart rates, blood pressure, cortisol levels, breathing rates, and blood oxygen all the levels showed a sign of decrease. People also reported that they felt more relaxed, and the treatment was over.

Antifungal, Antibacterial properties

Researchers found that Rose petals can benefit from fighting against a wide range of infection-causing microbes. Rose essential oil has benefits for fighting skin infections as well as fungal infections in the gut, mouth, and Vagina.  

Stimulates sex drive

Rose petal oil is also has used for stimulating sex drive. According to studies, rose oil is beneficial in improving sexual desire and increasing sexual satisfaction among men and, to some extent, in women as well. 

Researchers believe that rose oil releases dopamine in the brain, which helps to spur sexual desire and alleviates the symptoms of stress and depression.

Eases Depressive Symptoms

Numerous clinical studies have been conducted on rose oil and its benefits to improve depression symptoms.

In a study conducted in 2012, few women underwent depression treatment postpartum. One group of women received aromatherapy along with conventional treatment. Women who tried aromatherapy showed more improvements than women who did not. 

Rose is known to stimulate the release of dopamine chemicals. According to researchers, this chemical has an important role to play in relieving the symptoms of depression.

If you want to treat depression, then try rose oil aromatherapy to treat depression instead of inhaling. It may take some time (up to 6 weeks) to notice relief in depression symptoms.

Rose oil Uses:

Rose oil is highly potent and expensive as compared to other essential oil. Whether you plan to use it for aromatherapy or use it on your skin, it should always be diluted.

  • You can make a fancy rose oil bath by adding ten drops of essential oil mixed with a carrier oil in a warm tub. Before using essential oils, dilute it with a carrier oil your choice.
  • Make your own footbath by diluting a few drops of rose oil in your foot bath. Soak your feet for 15 minutes.
  • Use rose oil to treat stress, anxiety, depression. You can add it to a diffuser to inhale or apply it on your neck, chest, and wrists. Blend it with almond, coconut, or jojoba oil before applying it on the skin directly.

Safety Tips To follow when using Rose oil:

  • Essential oils are highly concentrated and very powerful. If you are planning to inhale any oil, then instead of doing it directly, add a small amount in a diffuser or inhale the lid of the oil bottle. Avoid inhaling too much; it can cause a headache. 
  • If you want to apply it onto the skin, mix your favorite carrier oil with rose essential oil to avoid any chances of skin irritation.
  • Like any other essential oil, rose oil is not meant to be ingested.
  • If you have pets or small kids in your home, talk to the pediatrician or veterinarian before diffusing it in your house, as some oils are toxic to kids and pets.

Keep the following tips in mind when using essential oils around pets:

  • Avoid applying an essential oil to your pet directly. It can be very toxic for its skin and fur. 

Some common overexposure symptoms are wobbly walk, depression or lethargy, and even drop in body temperature. You may see diarrhea and vomiting when ingested. 

  • Keep your pets away from the room when the diffuser is active, especially if your pet has respiratory issues.         
  • Keep the diffuser in a place where your pets can’t reach it.

Side Effects Of Rose Essential Oil

When applied on the skin or inhaled by a person with no allergies, there will be no sign of side effects of rose oil. It’s better to do a patch test before applying the essential oil on your skin for the first time. 

How to Buy Rose Oil?

Rose essential oil can be found in your nearby natural food stores or even online. Some of the most commonly used rose essential oil distilled by R.damascena, with higher content, and another one is R.centifolia variety.

Experts recommend checking the label for the name of a plant in Latin, along with the country of origin, to get an idea of the source.

Look for dark blue and amber bottles, because the light is damaging for essential oils.

Final Words:

There is not much research available on the rose essential oil benefits for the face and skin, but it can be effectively used for the following purpose:

  • Reduce stress, pain, depression, and anxiety
  • Increases libido
  • Protects against harmful fungi and bacteria.

Always buy essential oil from reputed brands and check for their country of origin when purchasing. Rose oil can be inhaled through a diffuser, dab it on the skin, or in your bath water along with carrier oil.

Before using an essential oil, consult with your physician to treat any medical condition.


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