Is Pilates good for weight loss?

Pilates is not only good for building lean muscle, and toning up but also weight loss.

 Pilates is a popular low impact exercise that is beneficial for overall health and maintaining a healthy weight.

Yes, pilates may not work as effectively as any other cardio exercise like swimming or running, because you burn fewer calories in pilates comparatively. 

However, you are more likely to stick to pilates class for your fitness routine and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can combine pilates with a healthy diet plan and other exercises to lose weight faster.

Read to learn how pilates is effective for weight loss and its benefits:

Piles role in weight loss and benefits


Pilates tone your muscle and helps in building more lean muscles, especially in the midsection. This helps in giving a lean shape to your body. One major reason why people workout is to get an improved appearance along with maintaining a healthy weight. Pilates can help you achieve this goal.


To lose weight doing physical activities is really important. Pilates help in building strength, increase flexibility, and tone your core, which is vital for people who are overweight. 

Pilates also helps in reducing back pain which makes working out much easier and comfortable. Once you start building muscles while doing Pilates, you will perform better in other exercises as well, with more comfort and less effort.


Movement is the key to weight loss. Pilates will introduce you to the world of movements. Pilates benefits in improving body balancing due to increased movements.

Improved body balancing means easy and graceful movements. This is what makes pilates effective for weight loss. You will be focusing on doing the cardio aerobic-exercise to keep you moving.


Pilates alone cannot make you lose weight but it will increase your everyday movements. The more the movements you do in pilates the more will be calories burned.

Whether you are starting a workout for the first time or you are a fitness expert, pilates will help you keep moving and active all day. 


According to Joseph Pilates, the inventor of pilates, the exercise is designed to benefit your body, mind and soul. If you will workout with the right attitude you will end up losing more weight with pilates in the end. 

A positive attitude and energised soul will improve your well-being.

How many calories does Pilates burn?

The amount of calories burned in pilates depends on your body weight, the intensity of exercises and whether it is a reformer class or a mat.

A person who weighs 150 pounds, will burn 175 calories in a 50 minutes Pilates matt class and 254 calories will be burned in advanced class.

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How often to practice Pilates?

If you are doing pilates for the first time practice it 2-3 times in a week to get the benefits. You can also join advanced pilates class with a combination of boxing or yoga.

You will burn more calories in these pilates class which will be good for faster weight loss. You can also alternate between pilates and strength training. 

Note:- healthy eating habits combined with exercises is important to lose weight.

Final words:

Pilates is a low impact effective workout. It benefits muscle toning, improving posture, and strengthening the core. Pilates can be good for weight loss if combined with healthy eating habits and other exercises. Before starting any new exercise plan always check with your doctor.


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