Go on A Long Outdoor Run With These Best Running Shoes

Go on A Long Outdoor Run With These Best Running Shoes

This pandemic has left us locked inside our home with nowhere to go, including the Gym. Do we need a gym when we have the streets at our disposal? You might be worried about hitting the gym and running on treadmills but try taking your exercise to the pavements and parks this time. You will be surprised to learn the rewarding health benefits of running outdoors. Worried about which shoe to buy for running? Well, you have got nothing to worry about. We have created a list of the best running shoes to suit every person’s needs, including people with wide feet.

Brooks Glycerin 17

If you are looking for the best running shoes that perform well in every aspect, you must check out Brooks Glycerin 17. Some key features of these running shoes are:

  • Thich cushioned sole, which is designed for maximum comfort and is durable. It is easy to run on pavement.
  •  It comes with a light mesh upper in 3D print with extra color options to be a good fit for all genders and preferences.
  • These shoes feature DNA Loft technology, which eases the transition from toe-to-heel during your run. These are the best running shoes for long distances.
  • You can find these in narrow, medium, and wide width. However, the only downside is that it has a high price point.

Brooks Ghost 12

The best road running shoes, Brooks Ghost 12, are a must-try. Some of the key features of these shoes are:

  • These shoes are popular among novice and expert alike for road and trail running shoes. 
  • The shoe comes with thick cushioned padding that is apt for both short sprints and long-distance running. 
  • The upper layer is a 3D printed mesh to lighten the weight of the shoe. 
  • These are available in various colors and styles to suit every person’s likes. 
  • One downside of the Brooks Ghost 12 is that these shoes can be too tight for wide feet. These are not very lightweight and can feel quite uncomfortable while running.

Salomon Speedcross 4

Speedcross 4 by Salomon is one of the best trail running shoes. Let us check out the key features of these shoes. 

  • These shoes have a very snug and comfortable fit and come with a rubber sole to provide maximum grip and traction for unpredictable terrain.
  • It features a patented muscle midsole to provide extra cushioning and protection from a wide variety of surfaces.  
  • This shoe is a very lightweight shoe; it weighs only 300 grams.
  • Some of the downsides of these shoes are that they do not come with a traditional lace system; they come with a quick lace system. The sole also wears down really quickly on asphalt or pavement. 

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Hoka One One Bondi 6

If you are looking for shoes with good cushioning, then try out the Hoka One One Bondi 6. These shoes are considered super functional than stylish.

  • These running shoes have a thick cushioning with no-frills to provide maximum comfort. 
  • These also come in multiple width options to fir every foot and have a 4-millimeter heel-to-toe drop. 
  • The cushion is super adaptable to both rough terrain and pavement. 
  • The only problem with these shoes is that they are quite heavy than other running shoes. 

Brooks GTS 19

If you have wide feet and cannot find the right running shoes for you, then dont look no more and get your hands on Brooks GTS 19. The key features of Brooks GTS 19 are:

  • These are the best running shoes for men and women with wide feet. People who have bunions or have them removed recently should definitely check out these shoes. 
  • The shoes have an engineered design with arch support. The patent guardrail support minimizes the risk of injury or damage to knees by gait stabilization.   
  • The cushioning in the shoes help in protecting the feet and also increases responsiveness from the running environment. 
  • Be careful when choosing the shoe size; it runs a little larger than other brands. Buy one size down.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 26

ASICS has the best running shoes for flat feet. If you have flat feet, then check out this ASICS Gel-Kayano. The key features of these shoes are:

  •  These shoes are designed for people with flat feet. The lightweight of these shoes makes it apt for running long distances as well as racing.
  •  These are one of the top running shoes to help with overpronation, which happens with flat-foot.
  • One of the things that lack in these top running shoes is that they may seem a little too tight if you add orthotics for correction or support.

Vibram KSO EVO

Top barefoot running shoes, Vikram KSO EVO, are a must-try for all the runners. If you don’t believe us, have a look at the key features:

  • These running shoes feature a five-finger design to allow complete toe flexibility.
  • The shoes are completely waterproof and fit almost all foot size for a snuggly fit, including wide feet.
  • The sole is suitable for wet and dry terrain running and has zero drop footfalls.
  • One great thing about these running shoes are, they are machine washable. 
  • However, these shoes’ only drawback is that the design might not suit or feel comfortable for everyone. 

Merrell Trail Glove 5

If you are searching for good zero drop running shoes, you might have found one just now! Key Features of Merrell Trail Glove 5:

  • These running shoes are completely zero drops from toe to heel. The shoes are made from sustainable running material with a rounded toe and a comfortable fit. 
  • Merrel trail running shoes are designed for terrain running with extra cushioning t0 protect the ball of foot and heel from injury or bruising. 
  • However, the shoe design can seem a little weird to some people and may take some time to get used to for first-timers.

Xero Prio

If you are looking for a minimalist and best trail running shoe, then go for this one. Let’s check out the key features of Xero Prio:

  • These are top running shoes with a light and stylish design. This shoe model is more affordable than other competitive high-end brands with similar design shoes. 
  • These are the best running shoes for men and women as they adapt to dirt and pavement equally. 
  • Xero Prio running shoes come with a sole designed to provide maximum traction for better stability. 
  • The only problem with these shoes is that customers often report the sole separating from the shoes in a few months. These shoes come with minimal cushioning, which can hurt your feet.

How to choose the right pair of running shoes?

Choosing the best pair of running shoes for both men and women from this extensive list can be very intimidating. Many companies put a lot of engineering, research, and development before launching a shoe from style to design. However, what matters the most is how a shoe feels on your feet. 

You need to keep in mind some important things before buying a pair of good quality running shoes. 

  • What’s the return policy?- Always check for the return policy before placing an order. Can you return the shoe in case you don’t like it? What is the return period, and what are the conditions for the return? Do the shoes come with a warranty?
  • How thick are the soles? The thickness of the soles matter. Sole thickness can tell you about the durability of the shoe. But remember, thick can also be heavy at times. Search for a resilient sole that is lightweight, especially if you’re competitive or a frequent runner.
  • What is the shoe weight? Shoe weight also has an impact on the energy you put in while running, walking, and hiking. 
  • What’s it made of? It is important to check the material of the shoes. Is the shoe made from a breathable material for hot climates to keep the sweat away? You should look for a shoe with mesh. Do you need a waterproof pair of shoes for use in rain or wet and muddy terrain? 
  • What’s the heel-to-toe drop? the difference in material supporting your toes versus heels matters a lot. Check What feels comfortable when you run?

Final Words:

The truth is that you cannot avoid trying shoes, whether at home or at the store, if you want the best pair of running shoes for you. Before you buy shoes online or offline, always make sure to check the return policy. You will surely find something that you like from the above-mentioned list of best running shoes for men and women. 

Which pair of shoes has your heart? Do let us know in the comments below!


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