Surprising Health Benefits of Coral Calcium

Surprising Health Benefits of Coral Calcium

Have you heard about Coral Calcium? If not, then you will learn everything you need to in this article. We will explain in detail what is coral calcium, its benefits, and the uses of various coral calcium supplement & powder.

First, let us discuss what is coral calcium:

What is coral calcium?

Coral calcium is a form of supplement that is derived from Coral sand deposits. These sand deposits once were a part of the Coral reef and were present shallow waters and coastal land surrounding it. 

Coral calcium is manufactured from the coral sand deposits to get rid of pollutants and unwanted substances. After refining, coral calcium is ground into a powder. brands sell it as it is or even capsules as supplements. 

The supplements made from coral calcium comprises of calcium carbonate and may also contain magnesium and other minerals. The composition of coral calcium is similar to that of humans and is being used as a bone graft for 30 years now.

It is now used as a treatment for calcium levels in people who do not get enough nutrients through everyday diet. 

Coral Calcium Benefits and uses

Coral calcium has plenty of health benefits for strong bones and arthritis symptoms and providing prevention from Parkinson’s disease and cancer. However, these are not backed by scientific evidence.

Let’s take a look at the Coral Calcium benefits : 

Improves bone health

 Calcium plays a very major role in the body. It helps in muscle contraction and keeps the bones strong and healthy.

Consuming a diet with calcium can cause mineral leach from the bones and make them weak over time. A calcium-rich diet is important for healthier and stronger bones. 

This link is essential when consuming calcium through meals and supplements. Coral calcium contains magnesium and other trace minerals in small amounts.

A small human study presents that coral calcium is easily absorbed by the body in comparison to calcium supplements.

Reduces blood pressure

High calcium intake has a direct link to low systolic blood pressure. This is the higher number in the BP measurement. This coral calcium benefit only applies to people with high blood pressure. 

Some studies also present that excessive calcium consumption during pregnancy also reduces the risk of preeclampsia- which is the leading cause of maternal illness and infant mortality. 

One serious complication marked during pregnancy related to high blood pressure is Preeclampsia. It begins after 20 weeks of gestation, and about 14% of the pregnancies face this problem worldwide. 

Other potential coral calcium benefits:

Coral calcium may also have some other additional benefits like:

  • May prevent cavities. Many test-tube studies present that coral calcium provides protection against dental cavities as it remineralizes the teeth enamel. 
  • May support brain health. Coral calcium slows down the aging process of brain functions.

Coral Calcium Side Effects 

Generally considered safe, Coral, Calcium has a few side effects anyway. 


Coral reefs catch contamination by the presence of heavy metals like lead or mercury in water. Therefore it is best to avoid consuming coral calcium sourced from polluted water. 

Risks of excessive intake

Consuming a large amount of coral calcium causes hypercalcemia caused by increasing levels of calcium in the blood. This condition can also lead to heart problems and also prostate cancer. 

Digestion and absorption

Coral calcium supplements can also cause digestive problems like bloating, gas, and constipation. Consuming coral supplements may also lower the nutrient absorption ability of the body like zinc and iron. 


Although fairly uncommon, coral calcium can also lead to an allergic reaction. If you experience any of the below-mentioned symptoms, then seek immediate medical help:

Troubled breathing


Mouth swelling



Face swelling


Due to limited research, the dosage for coral calcium is not scientifically recommended. Based on calcium supplement information, the dosage for coral calcium powder or supplement should range from 600-2000 mg per day.

You can consume coral calcium supplements and powder with or without food. There is less risk of an upset stomach if you consume it after eating food; however, the body’s ability to absorb zinc and iron will reduce. 

When coral calcium is consumed with vitamin D also boosts calcium absorption. 


Too much calcium consumption can result in excessive calcium levels in the blood, also known as hypercalcemia; it can result in kidney and heart problems. 

The highest limit of the safe coral calcium dosage value is 2,500 mg per day for people who are below 50 and 2000 mg per day for people above 50 years of age. 

Some common symptoms of hypercalcemia include frequent urination, poor appetite, fatigue, weight loss, and irregular heartbeat.


Coral calcium supplements can interact with various types of medications like diuretics, antibiotics, anti-seizure, and Paget’s medicine.

Depending on various types of medicine, you should wait for certain minutes or hours before the intake of coral calcium powder or supplements.

 Always consult a healthcare professional before taking a coral calcium supplement, especially if you are on a certain medication.  

Final Words:

Coral Calcium is a type of supplement that companies extract from coral sand present on coral reefs. There are many known coral calcium health benefits. As per research, our body easily consumes coral calcium in comparison to calcium supplements. Before taking coral calcium or any other supplements, always consult with your healthcare professional.


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