Dance Fitness:- Fun Way Of Staying Fit

Dance Fitness:- Fun Way Of Staying Fit

Have you heard about dance fitness?  Dance fitness classes are one of the best ways to stay fit while enjoying what you are doing. Let’s learn about dance fitness in detail

What Is Dance Fitness?

Dance fitness is different from traditional or technical dance. In dance fitness choreography and technique is not the focus point. The participants don’t need to spend week mastering the dance routine rather they just show up, seat their body trying their best to imitate an instructor and enjoy a feel-good workout session.

Many dance classes focus on cardiovascular exercise, instructor focus on keeping the participants moving and increase their heart rates.  Zumba, Hip Hop Abs, Jazzercise, La Blast, Bokwa, and TurboJam,  all fall in the Dance fitness category.

There are also some slow-paced dance fitness classes like barre workouts which help in improving the coordination, balance, flexibility and core strength. Pole dancing helps in improving flexibility.

 If you love to dance and are looking for some fun way to improve physical fitness then dance fitness workout is the best option for you

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Things you should Know About Dance Fitness

Dance fitness is really inclusive and can be modified easily.

1.  Dance fitness can be categorized into three broad categories– it is always a good idea to be familiar with different dance fitness styles before you try them. This will help you decide which is the best workout for you to meet your needs. Some classes are more past face and adventurous than others.

·         Cardio Dance Workout-  this may include chest pops, hip-swaying, the workout is face pace to make you sweat. Cardio dance is based in different style forms. For instance, Bokwa is based on African dance, Zumba on Latin dance, Doonya on Bollywood dance, Jazzercise on jazz dance, LaBlast on ballroom dance, and Kerboomka on club-style dance. The goal is to improve cardiovascular fitness.

·         Barre workouts-  this is inspired by ballet routines that incorporate elements of Pilates, yoga, and strength training using light weights. The primary focus is on proper form and posture by doing moves that strengthen the core, challenge stability, and balance. The workout has a low impact and moderate intensity. This is great cross-training routines for a cyclist, runners, and heavy lifters.

·         Mind-Body Dance-  this incorporates elements of tai chi, yoga, and martial arts into a flowing dance-like routine. This workout improves cardiovascular health, reduces stress and enhances flexibility.

·         Sensual Dance- this includes belly dance, pole dance and every other form of a sensual dance form.

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2.      Try Home-Based Workouts- if you are short on time or budget then home-based dance fitness workouts will be really good for you. But where can I find dance fitness classes near me? There are many DVDs and online workout platforms which are excellent ways of incorporating fitness at home, avoid any hassle of going to a dance studio and practicing dance fitness at home.

3.   Ask about the accessories and apparel requirement- mostly all you need to participate in a dance class is comfortable athletic clothes and sneakers. It is always a good idea to ask the trainer at the studio about any specific guidelines for gear and apparel. Most barre dance workout requires students to be barefoot during the class. Pole classes require students to wear short and tight fitted shorts and are asked to not apply lotion to have a good grip on the pole.

4. Not every instructor is the same- not all instructors are equal, some are better than the others and vice-a-versa. Some trainers have better management skills, provide better feedbacks and help to model better forms.  Some trainers are more qualified than others and have greater experience and a lot of certifications. It is always a good idea to research different instructors then try a demo class. When you fall in love with the workout you are doing that when you know, you have chosen the right instructor.

Benefits of Dance fitness

Engaging in physical activity is always a good idea whether it’s going to the gym or dance studios. Every aged individual can try to dance fitness. Moving your body along the rhythms of music can transform your life for good.

Physical benefits:-

1.      Improves cardiovascular health

To get the benefit of dance workouts adults should do

  • 150 to 300 minutes of dance per week in moderate-intensity exercise, or
  • 75 to 150 minutes dance per week in vigorous-intensity, any aerobic activity

2. Improves strength and balance

dance is a great form of indulging into physical fitness because it involves movements of all motions and every direction. These movements not only improve balance but also increases strengths.

This type of movement not only increases strength, but it also improves balance.

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3. Gentle on body

Many dance forms, like the ballroom, are good for people who have limited mobility or suffer from chronic health conditions.

Mental benefits:-

4. Boosts the cognitive performance

Research shows that dancing helps in maintaining and boosting the mental ability to think which thereby decreases with age.

5. Challenges the brain

If you have tried tap dancing, you will know how dancing is challenging for your brain.

the brain power that one needs to access for dancing, requires the constant focus on both the changing and recalling patterns and moves.

Dancing proves to be an excellent mental exercise for every aged people’s mind.

Emotional Benefits:-

6. It Is inclusive

One great thing about dancing is every person can practice and participate. If you can move your body, even if only the upper body, you will be able to dance.

This is what makes dancing very popular among people who anyways shy away from trying other exercises.

7. social activity

Dancing along with other people is just so much fun.

Whether it’s a ballroom class or belly dancing, dancing with friends, or with your kids or maybe grandkids, just the idea of simply being around people while dancing is very good for both social and emotional health.

8. Boosts your mood

Dance improves your mental as well as emotional health by reducing stress, and decreasing any symptoms of depression and anxiety, and also helps in boosting self-esteem.


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