Know Everything About Prohormones- Definition And Side Effects

Know Everything About Prohormones- Definition And Side Effects

If you have ever visited the gym or you are a gym freak, you must have seen or heard about performance-enhancing drugs or prohormones. The time is changing now; people are not focusing on pumped-up bodies rather than a fit body. And to flaunt or show off their body, they tend to take performance-enhancing drugs. Although performance-enhancing drugs or prohormones found to be safe in some clinical studies. what are the reasons behind people are afraid to take these pills and hormones? Usually, weightlifters who need high body muscle mass take these pills to increase the muscles and cut the body fat. 

But these are not steroids, and consuming them is legal. Many people who prefer a shortcut or performers who want to perform in weightlifting competitions tend to tackle these ed supplements and sub-hormones. Prohormones are the fastest muscle builder supplements; however, there are so many conflicts related to that. In this article, we will comprehensively understand the whole scenario of prohormones.

What are prohormones? 

If we have a look at the technical definition of Prohormone, prohormones are those chemical compounds that process the anabolic chemical substances in the body. The reason behind this process is that this process helps them to work more on SARMS. These chemical substances result in rapid muscle growth and strength gains.

Now let’s understand this in a very comprehensive way; when one intakes these prohormones, the compounds coverts in the anabolic hormones. This process is an enzymatic process. This process helps the human body generate protein synthesis, which finally results in increased muscles. Prohormones can also produce some extraordinary results like it can change the composition of one bodybuilder to bulky muscles in a very short time period. 

It also cut the body fat of bodybuilders and makes them look more bulky. But one should keep this in mind that taking these hormones on a regular basis can cause serious problems in the human body. Studios have shown that prohormones have effect for a very short time of around one month, and after that, you are seriously addicted to the prohormones. This is why many scientists do not allow people to take these prohormones. They can also increase the testosterone levels, which levels that might result in short tempering. You might also get addicted to these prohormones, and some of the people start taking illegal chemical substances. 

The legality of the prohormones

As we talked that these prohormones have many conflicts related to them. After examining the nature of these chemical substances and prohormones, many athlete associations have banned the prohormones. And they have very serious rules and regulations regarding this doping. If you are an athlete and found positive of having Prohormone, the association suspends them for a particular time. Some associations have that much serious rule and regulation that if the association catches you in doping, they will ban you for the entire life. One should be aware of this fact that many of the manufacturers add these hormones to the supplements and do not disclose it. So you should choose your supplements wisely if you do not want to use this Prohormone.

The federal food and drug administration regulates the whole scenario of drugs and supplements. In their recent reports, they recently added some new dietary supplements to the legal list. Their rule and regulation are really strict, and if they found any illegal substances used in any production unit of supplement companies, they directly cancel their manufacturing license. 

Prohormones have a Checkered past.

In 1996, prohormones were first introduced, and athletes enjoyed their new and powerful abilities. There are lots of examples from the 20th century, like Mark McGwire was tracking prohormones to improve his endurance his ability. He was the baseball legend and he was having maximum home runs at that time. But after some, association caught him and alleged for taking an excessive amount of hormones. People first got to about the doping system and it shocked everyone that a person who was a baseball legend who involved in such activities. 

Another example of doping that caught lots of media attention was that in 2004 many lawmakers were looking at the increased number of doping cases. By the end of 2004, they decided to create an anabolic steroid control act. The act stated that all the prohormones are illegal and commented that intaking the prohormones is the same as taking steroids. But prohormones, many of the manufacturers decided to oppose the bill and continued manufacturing the prohormones. However, the production and the sale of the prohormones are legal now.  

How well prohormones work 

Many of the chemical studies have been done on the prohormones. Some of the studies shown that these hormones are effective, and some resulted that they do not have any effect on the human body. So, there are lots of conflicts and disagreements regarding the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of prohormones. The basic point for these studies was as followed:

Body Composition And Physical Performances 

According to the Canadian Journal of applied physiology published a review of several studies based on the effectiveness of the Prohormone, the researchers found that prohormones may increase anabolic reactions in the human body that indirectly affect physical performances. They also stated that it does not show enough physical strength to make it worth. 

They further added that taking 200 milligrams of prohormones might increase the testosterone level and estrogen level. Increasing estrogen might cause an increment in boob size. Doses that are higher than 300 milligrams per day do not affect body composition and physical performances. It might result in increased lipoprotein cholesterol, which is not at all good for the human body.

Resistance training and Medicinal use 

Journal of the American medical association published a result of a study that happened on the usage of testosterone and Prohormone’s adaption. The study was on 30 healthy men aging from 19-29 who do not use any steroids or any supplements. The researcher asked twenty of them to do eight weeks of resistance training. During alternative weeks all the men were randomly given 300 milligrams of placebo or Prohormone. And the rest of the men were given 100 milligrams of prohormone Dose.

The researchers measured blood lipids’ changes, testosterone changes, muscle strength, estrogen concentrations, body composition, muscle fiber, and liver activities. There was no significant proof of body mass increment. 

Prohormones might be used in medicinal use for curing hyperparathyroidism. It causes by the disbalance of renal functions in chronic kidney disease. Journal of nephrology and renovascular disease published a research result and found good results on the patients. The early stages of this chronic disease treated successfully. However, for people who had late hyperparathyroidism disease stages, the prohormones did not work on them. 

Side Effects 

The biggest mistake that common people make while consuming the prohormones is that they think that it is totally safe. Although consuming prohormones is legal, they have lots of side effects. There are no such specific side effects; they may vary from person to person. Some of the most common side effects that one can have

  • Nausea 
  • Acene
  • Increased Anxiety 
  • Mood swings 
  • Hair Loss 
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Testicular shrinkage 
  • Decreased and increased Libido
  • Lack of motivation
  • Stomach pain 

Final Words 

Before you go deep into gyming or muscle building, you need to understand that MUscle building and gyming are not for show off or flaunt. One should focus on physical strength and focus. I have seen many of the youngsters addicted to steroids to make their body bulkier. However, still, if you want a bulky body, you should choose to eat healthier food rather than steroids. There are many prohormones for sale available in the market. But choose not to use them. 

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