How to Take CBD?

How to Take CBD?

There are many different types of cannabinoids in Cannabis plants. Researchers are studying them, and one of them has shown potential health benefits to the body.

This compound is Cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is nonintoxicating; you won’t get high when you consume CBD.

Research shows that CBD is beneficial in epilepsy and protects nerve damage, and it is also a very strong anti-inflammatory. 

This can be used for treating anxiety and pain.

This article will help you understand how to take CBD and the best ways to ingest CBD?

best way to ingest cbd

What to consider in a product?

There are few things to consider when you are shopping for CBD

Full or broad-spectrum

Buy CBD products that are made with broad or full spectrum oil instead of isolate or distillate to avail the full benefits of CBD. Broad-spectrum oil contains all types of cannabinoids present in the Cannabis plant; Full-spectrum products are less processed.


CBD’s are not regulated by FDI; currently, there it becomes important to check if you are buying a lab-tested product or not. 

U.S.-grown, organic cannabis

Consume products made in the US from organically grown cannabis. This will ensure that you are not putting pesticides and chemicals in your body.

consume organic cannabis


A great and discrete way to try CBD is edibles. You can find different types of CBD edibles like truffles, gummies, and mints. These mask the weedy taste so nice. There is one problem with consuming CBD in an edible form that it takes longer to kick in and show the effects. CBD first gets broken partially by the liver and then the digestive tract. You will only absorb 20-30% of CBD.

Sublingual products

Many edible CBD contains added sugar and preservatives. To avoid consuming these additives, try sublingual products. These get absorbed in your tongue. These sublingual CBD contain tinctures, which is a soaked cannabis n alcohol or oil. When the CBD gets absorbed in the tongue, you will see faster results.


CBD tropicals are designed to directly apply to the skin. You can find CBD infused creams, lotions, salves, and patches. This is great to cure localized pain or any skin condition like eczema.

Vaping and Smoking

CBD can be smoked as a joint. You can use CBD oil vaporizer or even inhale CBD concentrates like sugar waxes with a vape pen with the chamber of concentrates. Smoking allows the CBD to go into the bloodstream directly, and you will feel the effects much faster than any other method. You will absorb 34-56 percent within 10 minutes.

CBD is used in smoking

CBD has many health benefits

You must have heard about the health benefits of CBD and how you should consume it.

CBD or Cannabidiol contains more than 60 active compounds in one cannabis plant. These active compounds are known as cannabinoids that affect the body in many ways.

CBD is not psychoactive; that means you will not get high with their consumption. Instead, it has many health benefits:-

  • Reduces depression and anxiety
  • Improve sleep and prevents insomnia
  • Prevent epilepsy seizures in people
  • Soothes inflammation and pain
  • It improves heart health
  • Also improves symptom of IBD ( inflammatory bowel disease)

Consuming the right dosage of CBD is the key to treat any type of health condition that you have. 

At times it can be difficult to identify how much CBD should be consumed because it is not regulated by the FDA.

How to calculate dosage?

Products like CBD capsules, gummies, and pills come with the serving recommendation. The packaging on the CBD capsule bottle might have indications about how much mg capsules are there inside.

If you are using CBD oil, it will come packed in a dropper bottle. The packaging will instruct how many drops to use. 

It might get difficult at times to figure out how much CBD content is there in a single drop because the packaging only specifies the total amount of CBD in the bottle and not the amount in one drop.

One drop of CBD oil is about .05 ML. This means that one 10 ML bottle of CBD oil contains 200 drops. If the packaging of CBD oil states that 10 ML of oil contains 1000 mg CBD, that means one drop contains around 5mg of CBD.

If you want to consume 20 mg of CBD oil than take four drops at one time.


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