Why Am I So Tired? Common Causes Of Fatigue?

Why Am I So Tired? Common Causes Of Fatigue?

Fatigue is a regular health condition in which a person feels tired or weak, which can be physically, mentally, or both. Fatigue can occur in any person or at any age, but most adults experience fatty at certain points of their life.

Every year about millions of citizens asks their doctor about their chronic fatigue condition. Fatigue is a type of symptom but not a chronic health condition. Researchers found that in so many people, fatigue is caused due to the combination of their lifestyle, psychological behavior, social interactions, and their well-being issues rather than any type of medical condition.

Many times fatigue Prateek is described as regular weakness or tiredness. However, it is different from saying that feeling sleepy or tired are both the different things not considered as fatigue. Anyone can feel tired at a certain point, but that can be resolved If one takes proper or sleep all night Properly. 

But in case you are sleeping enough and have good nutrition for exercising regularly, but you still feel to perform your daily task, stay motivated, and concentrate. This may be due to the fatigue in your body.

What Does Fatigue Mean?

Common Causes of Fatigue

Fatigue is a constant type of tiredness that you may not be able to explain in words or feel relapsing exhaustion. It feels like the flu on some sleeping nights. One example is that if you have chronic fatigue, you may feel hard to wake up in the morning, or you feel like you haven’t slept. In case you have chronic fatigue conditions, it is hard for you to work for being productive towards your regular activities. 

It is due to so many reasons that might be anemia, allergic rhinitis, Kidney problems, liver diseases, depression, fibromyalgia, lung problems, or any other health-related problems that may cause fatigue.  

Some Fatigue Symptoms That You Must Know

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In case you are suffering from fatty, that may cause various health problems that can be physical, emotional, or mental. before damages your health condition you should know what are the symptoms so that you can ask your doctor for help

  • constant dizziness or tiredness 
  • drowsiness
  • weakened muscles
  • fever muscle pain
  • headache
  • response and reflex
  • slow decision making
  • impaired judgment
  • constant irritability
  • impaired vision
  • bad appetite
  • lowered immune system 
  • impaired concentration
  • memory-related problems
  • hallucination
  • reduced ability e to stay in the present focused on one particular situation
  • decreased motivation

Common Causes of Fatigue 

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 Here below are some common causes of fatigue that you can know before going to your doctor. 

  • Anemia

 If you are suffering from anemia and have low numbers of red blood cells, it is said that your hemoglobin is not enough. Hemoglobin is a type of substance found in the blood that provides color to the red blood cells. Hemoglobin also carries oxygen throughout the body.

If your body is not getting enough amounts of red blood cells or hemoglobin, your body does not get appropriate amounts of oxygen that make you feel weak and tired. Symptoms of anemia pale skin and shortened breath. 

  • Heart diseases

One other cause of fatigue is due to heart disease, and especially heart failure can make you feel tired and unable to do your daily tasks. Heart failure makes your heart start working less effectively, pumping the oxygenated blood to the tissues and muscles in your body. Due to heart failure, your regular task like walking on a path for carrying groceries from your car can be a difficult task to do. Some symptoms of heart-related diseases are shortened breath, chest pain, fainting, and palpitations. 

  • Hepatitis

Hepatitis occurs in the body when the liver gets inflammation that can be the cause of many problems like infections and obesity. 

The liver performs the essential functions like break down of toxins, controlling clotting of blood, manufacturing of proteins, carbs metabolization, and many more functions. When the liver is struck by inflammation, all its process comes to a stop and makes the body feel tired. 

  • Diabetes

In diabetes, the body is not capable enough to make appropriate amounts of insulin, or it does not use insulin as it should use. The pancreas produces the Insulin hormone that helps in turning food into glucose that is used by the body cells to get energy. Due to this, you can feel chronic tiredness and dizziness all the time. 

Some other symptoms like frequent urination can also detect diabetes, sudden weight loss, numb limbs, the slower healing procedure, feeling thirsty, irregular hunger, impaired vision, tingling in limbs, dried skin, or easily getting infected than usual.

  • Medications

Different types of medications can also lead to fatigue in the body. Here below are some common types of medication that might cause fatigue in your body. 

  • Medicines for Controlling Blood Pressure
  • Medicines for high cholesterol
  • Medicines for stomach related treatment like acid reflux
  • Medicines for muscle spasms, anxiety, seizures
  • Medicines for allergy
  • Medication for Depression
  • Medicines for Bacterial Infection
  • Medication for Narcotic Pain

If you are taking any of the medications as mentioned above, then you might be suffering from fatigue due to their side effects. When your medications get over, you no longer feel fatigued as such. 

  • Sleep Apnea

If you are facing shallow breathing or pause in breathing during sleeping for about some seconds to a minute, then this chronic condition is called Sleep Apnea. One who is suffering from this chronic condition can face shallow breaths as 30 times in a minute. When every time a person gets back to take a breath, choking sounds come that can be disturbing to sleep. 

This condition can be faced by a person when he or she is sleeping during the day time. 

Sleep Apnea also has other symptoms like morning headaches, sore throat after waking up, memory-related problems, irritation, bad concentration, and feeling depressed.


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