Home Based Bodyweight Cardio Exercises

Home Based Bodyweight Cardio Exercises

Home workouts can be the best option for your fitness if you want a healthy and fit body without visiting the gym. One of the best things you can try is bodyweight cardio exercises which are good for you, and they have many positive benefits. Cardio is the best exercise if you want great gains and other benefits. It helps you reduce weight, boost your mood, strengthen the inner body, and many more. Cardio is a basic workout that you can do anywhere and anytime. 

Bodyweight cardio exercises do not require heavy machines and equipment, and also, you do not need to have a gym membership for this workout. A single yoga mat and a treadmill are sufficient enough to do cardio. This calorie-burning workout pumps your whole body, and after the workout, you can see those gains and pumps in your body. Body-weight cardio is the best to create strength and stay fit (Source).

The best cardio exercises will keep your health good and your body fit; you only have to maintain regular exercise and a proper diet. The diet also plays a major role in this workout because if you only focus on your exercises and not on your diet, you can not see any changes in your body. Proper exercise with a complete diet plan makes your cardio exercise perfect for your daily routine. You have to take a step up for your fitness, and good cardio exercises will help you. 

Best Cardio Workout At Home

During these COVID-19 situations, most of the gyms are closed, so what about your fitness now? You can not stop exercising and following your daily workout routine then; in that case, without machines and resources, bodyweight cardio exercises are the best. 

Adding some of the best cardio in your daily routine will not let your health be affected by fats and unwanted weight. Daily routine cardio can help you keep your body fit and increase your body’s strength, so make sure you strictly follow the cardio exercises. 

Here is the list of cardio exercises which you can do at home:


Burpees is a popularly known exercise for home workouts. In this exercise, your whole body moves, and all of your muscles get pumped. You need to use your full body during this whole workout, and it helps you burn a large number of calories. However, this is one of the tough bodyweight cardio exercises and it is quite difficult to do, but it is worth it if you seriously want a good cardio workout. 

Steps to do it 

  • Start this exercise by standing tall along with your toes together. Now you have to bend over and vicinity your hands on the ground as you soar your feet lower back right into a plank.
  •  Make sure you keep your core stuck as you jump back. Jump returned a long way sufficiently, so you are completely extended. Do no longer let your butt stick up inside the air. Then jump your feet back up for your arms and rise. As you stand up, jump up off the floor.
  • If you do not want to be in this position for a long time, then step back right into a plank in preference to leaping back; if you need to make it extra hard, add a push-up when you’re in a position of the plank before leaping back up.

Jumping Jacks

If you do not want to go running outside, then jumping jacks is one of the best cardio workouts at home to burn the calories. Jumping jacks have the amazing quality of burning 100 calories in just ten minutes. This exercise is being taught to you from your middle school, and still, you are not aware of this exercise, so you should start this bodyweight cardio exercise. 

Steps to do it.

  • Start doing this exercise, standing on your feet together and your arms at your facets. Simultaneously increase your arms above your head and jump up simply sufficient to unfold your feet out broad. Without pausing, fast reverse the motion and repeat.
  • To increase the intensity, attempt plyo-jacks! And try to avoid jumping up in the air, bounce your feet out into a squat and repeat. 
  • Jumping jacks are considered to be a good exercise for giving the stress at your joints.  So make sure you will take care if you had an any accidents or joint aches.


Push-ups are considered to be the best overall body strengthening exercise. But you must be thinking why we have included this exercise in this list of bodyweight cardio workouts. Push-ups help gain strength with a lot of sweating, and they are the best cardio workout at home. Push-ups focus on building your chest, quads, core, triceps, and shoulder. If you do the push-ups with the cardio exercises, they will help your whole body get pumped. 

Steps to do it.

  • Lie on the ground face down and area your fingers approximately 36 inches aside while protecting your torso raised at your arm’s length. Lower your body weight down till your chest almost touches the ground as you inhale. 
  • Now exhale and press your upper frame lower back as much as the beginning position, even as squeezing your chest. After a quick pause on the pinnacle contracted roll, you may begin to lower yourself downward.
  • This exercise is not friendly with the beginners; however, it may be altered so you can nonetheless put in force it into your circuit. Start by doing kneeling push-ups, similar functions. Besides, you will have your knees at the ground and ft up at the back of you. Once you nail the ones, practice willing push-ups.
  •  Place your arms on an elevated floor like a bench or table, and make sure your lower body should be downward. Once you may nail both of these, then pass on up to conventional push-ups!
  • If you need to make it more hard and intensify the exercise, then attempt exclusive hand placements. Try slim or diamond push-ups.

Plank With Side Jumps

If you know the core workouts, a plank is an important exercise included in a core workout. Plank is considered the main exercise for the bodyweight cardio exercises because it forces your arms to hold your body weight when you fastly move your legs. Planks every day will help you to lose weight and gain strength. 

Steps to do it. 

  • Start this exercise with a straight arm plank and with your toes together. Move each of your legs to another side and tap your toe to the ground (bounce), then convey it again to the starting role.
  • It is an impactful exercise, so if you are a newbie, start by learning the planks first. Once you start doing the one minute plank, then attempt to step out facet-to-aspect before implementing the jumps.

Final Words

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy in their lives, but getting a fit and muscular body is not easy. Exercising everyday is the best way to manage healthy body weight and improve your mental health (Source). You have to work out harder for fitness, and it is not necessary that you have to do that in the gym only. 

Home Based bodyweight cardio workouts are the best option; from beginners to fitness experts, everyone can do this cardio exercise at their home. Cardio exercises can also be performed in the gym, and you can do it before your core workout. You can also add forearm workouts, back workouts, and shoulder workouts to your routine to build proper strength. 

We have mentioned some of the best cardio exercises in this article, which will help you in maintaining a good cardio exercise routine. Read the list of cardio exercises and start doing your cardio workout at your home.


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