15 Natural Ways to Boost Fertility

15 Natural Ways to Boost Fertility

In the modern world, fertility problems are one of the significant issues. More than 15% of couples are affected by fertility issues (Source). So, how to increase fertility? Fortunately, there are natural ways to boost fertility and become pregnant faster.

Apart from going to the doctors for medical treatment, you can opt for boosting fertility naturally. Diet and lifestyle adjustments are the easiest ways to improve the chances of getting pregnant. 

Lifestyle and diet changes can boost your fertility by around 69% (Source).

Natural Ways to Boost Fertility

If you have good health and you have regular sex, then you can expect to get pregnant in the first year of trying. If you are facing issues, then knowing the do’s and don’ts can help you in boosting the odds. Here are some natural ways to boost fertility. 

Consume Foods Loaded with Antioxidants

Antioxidants such as zinc and folate might help in enhancing fertility in both women and men. Therefore, it is a good idea to consume antioxidant-rich foods. 

Antioxidants can reduce the number of free radicals naturally. These radicals often damage the sperm and egg cells in your body. If you are thinking about how to boost fertility, then you should include more nuts, vegetables, fruits, and grains loaded with good antioxidants like lutein, folate, beta carotene, and vitamin E.

Eat Healthy Breakfast

Consuming healthy breakfast helps in enhancing fertility in women. Consuming a bigger breakfast might help women with fertility issues.

Certain studies show that consuming substantial breakfast might enhance the hormonal effects of PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), which is one of the primary causes of infertility.

Certain studies recommend that consuming more calories at breakfast while less in the evening meal can help in enhancing fertility. 

Reduce Consumption of Carbs

Women having PCOS should follow a low-carb diet. It helps in managing a healthy weight, encouraging fat loss, and decreasing insulin levels. Moreover, it also helps in menstrual regularity. 

Following a low carb diet is not enough; you also need to choose your carbs wisely. You should reduce the consumption of refined carbs as they could be problematic. 

Refined carbs comprise processed grains like rice, bread, and white pasta. It also includes sugar drinks and foods. These foods get absorbed easily, leading to an increase in insulin levels and blood sugar, which might increase the chances of infertility.

Say No to Trans Fats

Consuming healthy fat is essential to boost fertility. Nevertheless, trans fat can lead to an increase in the risk of ovulatory infertility. This is due to the reason that trans fat creates a negative impact on insulin sensitivity. 

Trans fats are usually found in hydrogenated vegetable oils. They are also present in some fried foods, baked goods, margarine, and processed foods. 

Avoiding trans fats can help in boosting fertility. You should opt for consuming foods that are loaded with healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil. 

Consume More Fiber

Fibers are best to control the blood sugar levels, and they help in getting rid of excess hormones. High-fiber foods include beans, vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. 

Some fiber foods can help in removing excess estrogen.  

Fibers are beneficial to boost fertility. Nevertheless, consumption of too much fiber might interfere with ovulation. Therefore, it is better to consume fiber in limited quantities. 

Opt for High-Fat Dairy

Some studies show connections between fertility and high-fat dairy products. Studies present the evidence that consumption of one or two servings of high-fat dairy products by women, helps in improving the chances of getting pregnant. 

If you are seeking natural remedies to boost fertility, then it is a good idea to replace one or two servings of low-fat dairy products with high-fat dairy products. It can help you in increasing the odds of getting pregnant. 

Manage a Healthy Weight

Weight influences fertility in a remarkable manner. In order to boost fertility, you need to manage a healthy weight. Being overweight or underweight is related to increased chances of infertility. 

This is due to the reason that the amount of fat present in the body impacts the menstrual function. Overweight or underweight women have long cycle lengths as compared to others, which makes it difficult to get pregnant. 

In order to enhance the chances of getting pregnant, you should put on weight in case you are underweight. On the other hand, you should opt for losing weight if you are overweight. 

Stay Active

A wide range of benefits is associated with exercising, and increased fertility is one of them. A sedentary lifestyle is related to a higher risk of developing infertility. 

Obese women should include moderate physical activity in their schedule. It will help in losing weight and getting active, which in turn would help in enhancing fertility. 

It is better to avoid intense physical activity, as it is associated with decreased fertility in some women. Excessive exercise might lead to a change in the body’s energy balance, which can negatively affect the reproductive system. 

In short, one should avoid a sedentary lifestyle and should include moderate activity in everyday lifestyle to boost fertility. 

Try to Relax

An increase in stress levels reduces the chances of getting pregnant. It is due to the hormonal changes that take place when you are stressed. 

Working long hours and doing a stressful job can increase the time required to become pregnant. Stress, anxiety, and depression are among the major contributors to reducing the chances of getting pregnant. 

Receiving counseling and support can reduce depression and anxiety levels, which in turn can increase the chances of getting pregnant. 

Improve Iron Intake

Iron intake is essential for everyone, but it is highly important for women in years of reproduction. Consuming non-heme iron that is present in plant-based foods can help in reducing the risk of ovulatory infertility. You can also opt for iron supplements. 

Non-heme iron is also related to a lower risk of infertility. Increasing the consumption of iron-rich foods can help to boost fertility. 

Reduce Caffeine

Caffeine impacts female fertility in a negative manner. Moreover, a higher intake of caffeine before pregnancy is also associated with a higher risk of miscarriage (Source). 

Women who drink too much coffee have lesser chances of conceiving. If you are a coffee lover, you do not need to avoid coffee completely. All you need to do is limit your consumption of caffeine. 

Say No to Excess Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol can affect fertility in a negative manner. Though it is unclear how much alcohol can impact fertility, if you and your partner are trying to have a baby, it is better to cut alcohol consumption. 

Various studies have been conducted to analyze the impact of alcohol consumption on fertility; however, the outcomes are mixed. In order to boost fertility, you should consider limiting or completely avoiding alcohol. 

Include Diverse Protein Source in Your Diet

Protein is an essential part of a diet. Nevertheless, you should try to take protein from vegetable sources rather than animal sources like meat. eggs, and fish.

Higher intake or protein from meat is associated with increased risk of developing ovulatory infertility.

Try Multivitamins

Women who take multivitamins might be less likely to face the issue of ovulatory infertility. Moreover, certain studies present evidence that women can avoid 20% of ovulatory infertility if they consume three or more multivitamins every week.

You can opt for multivitamins if you are not getting sufficient nutrients from your diet. 

Opt for Natural Supplements

Some natural supplements are associated with increased fertility. Nevertheless, more research is required in this regard. 

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is made by bees and is loaded with sugars, lipids, iron, calcium, amino acids, vitamins, and fatty acids. Animal studies present evidence that they help in enhancing fertility. 

Bee Pollen 

It is associated with improved fertility, immunity, and overall nutrition. Animal study shows that consumption of bee pollen can increase the quality of sperm and male fertility. 

Bee Propolis

Some studies showed that consumption of bee propolis twice a day improves the chances of getting pregnant by 40%. 


Certain animal studies show that maca improves fertility. However, its results in human studies are mixed. Some studies show that it improves sperm quality. 

Final Words

Good nutrition is essential for a healthy reproductive system. Your diet and lifestyle remarkably influence your fertility. Above mentioned natural ways to improve fertility can help you in increasing your chances of getting pregnant. If you find the above-mentioned information helpful, drop a comment. 


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