Side Stitch – Causes, Treat And Prevent Side Stitches

Side Stitch – Causes, Treat And Prevent Side Stitches

What Is Side Stitch? 

This is the muscle pain that is caused near the abdomen side below the rib cage, usually on the right side. Younger runners, the pain usually causes below the opposite direction. Research studies are showing that most of the people tend to describe their ETAP in various ways like ok for sharp pain when the pain is fever and muscle cramp when the pain is less intense.

Most of the people suffer from this pain when they:

  • Go for a run just after having food. 
  • They don’t warm up before going to run or exercise
  • If they drink too many sweet beverages
  • They have curvature scoliosis
  • If they shallow breath or have respiratory issues 

However, there are a couple of hypotheses that have not true the causes of side stitches for this kind of muscle pain. But some experts believe that side stitches are caused due to drinking water or any beverages provided while they are running can lead to ETAP. The site stitches are also shown associated with the muscle cramps. Still, one study controversially says that there is no such evidence that shows any electrical activity during these side stitches. 

What Causes Side Stitches?

There is no such evidence that can show the exact cause of the side stitches. however, some researches studies reveal that during the physical activity when the blood moves near the diagram for muscles that leads to pain and side stitches

But other studies claim that the pain is caused due to the irritation in the lining of the pelvic cavity and the abdominal. Irritation of the abdominal and pelvic cavity due to the physical activity when there is a lot of friction and movement in the torso. 

In some cases, athletes or sportspersons often say about the shoulder tip pain during the side stitches. And this happened due to the irritation in the abdominal lining that resulted in the localized pain in the different body parts that includes the shoulder tip also. However, more research is required in this area that can show the exact reason of what causes the side stitches pain. 

How To Treat Side Stitches?

If you want to control the side stitch pain during working out or running, you can follow these following simple steps:

  • a small break or slowly walk if you are running,
  • you can take a long deep breath and exhale it very slowly,
  • take your hands over the head and stretch the abdominal muscle, and band slightly opposite to where the pain is occurring. 
  • Stop running and press your fingers gently on the affected area while bending the torso bit forwardly

Thus remember, before exercising, keep your body hydrated and do not drink any sugary beverages because that might irritate the stomach. However, the side stitches get resolved on its own in a few minutes if you stop exercising on moving. In case your side stitches do not get resolved even after several hours or stopping the exercise, then you must take the doctor’s help. This might be the sign of some serious health-related issues for any type of medical condition. 

How To Prevent Side Stitches

In order to prevent the side stitches pain, you may avoid eating heavy food or drinking any kind of beverage before going to exercise. For example, do not eat anything before 1 to 3 hours of exercising. You can also follow the given below precautions to prevent side stitches:

  • a proper running form is important to prevent the side stitches. Try to practice the right posture. If you keep your spine rounded, you may often face side stitches.
  • also do not eat high fiber and high-fat foods before you go running or workout
  • cut the length of exercise timing and increase the intensity of your workout
  • increase your fitness level
  • gradually increase the mileage up to few miles in a week


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